How the Golden Globes Canceled Themselves


Canceled the Golden Globes. What's that about? Well, they canceled it for next year. At least they're not gonna Eric They can't cancel the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes could do whatever the hell Yeah, he said that they're not going to air the Golden Globes next year. And this is all because of the controversy that started a couple months ago from basically in L. A Times article that really exposed the Golden Globes for many things, shady financial dealings being one of them, but also the fact that of this 87 member body that votes for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Votes for the golden Gloves of the 87. There are zero black members, which in this day and age is just, you know, kind of unfathomable. Also, given the fact that the the academy the Oscars went through this several years ago. And the Golden Globes. The H F P A watch the Oscars go through this change their membership of the past few years. They've added 4000 members since 2015 and the the Golden Globes just sat there the whole time and did absolutely nothing about it, like hiding in the corner, hoping nobody would tip pull up the blanket and exposed them. Well, they got exposed so They said that they're going to do stuff about this. You know the problems in their organization. They're going to turn things around. They voted last week to make these changes, but it's gonna take them a while to make them. And so, NBC basically said, and a lot of the entertainment industry distance themselves from the Golden Globes, but the Big One was when NBC said this week. Look, we have no confidence that next year's Golden Globes are gonna be any different than last year's Golden Globes because the voting body is going to be pretty much the same. So we don't want to be associated with that. So we're not going to air it. Maybe if you get your act together by 2023. We'll talk. But next year now we're out. So

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