Damon Weaver, Kid Reporter Who Interviewed President Obama, Dies at 23


When he scored the interview of a lifetime, But now we won't find out what else he could have accomplished. His family says he's passed away. Damon Weaver was just 11 years old and in the fifth grade when he spent 10 minutes asking President Obama questions at the White House in 2000 and nine they cover topics such as education and bullying and demon made a friend. When I interviewed Vice President Joe Biden, he became a homeboy. Now did I interviewed you? Would you like to become my home? Absolutely. Thank you, man. Great job. Weaver later interviewed Oprah Winfrey and basketball star Dwayne Wade and was studying communications. At Albany State University in Georgia. His family says he died of natural causes on May the first he was 23 years old boxes. Kevin

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