A highlight from RaM Ep 116 Season 5 Trailer Predictions


Hey everybody i'm brandon and welcome welcome to the show. Welcome to international rss This is this is a special episode for us. because I'm in california now and we're almost almost completely done with all of our moves now. Assistant time traps in travis's in oklahoma city. I am in los angeles. i'm about to. I'm about to move into my actual house Tomorrow which would be a win for a. It's out tomorrow. The movers are coming tomorrow. And this is amazing. So you have a house. You're just not staying there yet. Correct correct because of our our our our furniture and all that type of stuff. It's not it wasn't ready to be delivered yet right. And we don't want since we've got inlaws in the impairment in actual family resided. Well we're not going to stay in a furniture lists internet lewis house. Stay here not like travis. Did last month. Well live high on the hog here with with all the parents in in los angeles as well. I'm happy that you're you're in your your new residence Soon you'll be able to that giga blast internet. We'll get we'll get back to business just in time for a brand new season of rick. And morty so happy so happy that everyone is here listening. Joining us on the podcast. Hope you're excited for rick. And morty season five. I know we are And you can you can you. Can you could totally share that excitement with us over on our social media.

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