A highlight from 'Save Your Game!' A New Show From Red Bull ft. Esports Host Frankie Ward!


To the Esports network podcast. We delve into everything and anything, any sports-related that includes, you know, business that includes, you know, mental skills coaching. We just had a, really big guess on a few months ago, hopefully he liked his little show that we did with him, but we always have to talk to the personalities of the game as well. People who really have provide some interesting, insight and are working on new projects as well. So help me do that all the way to London. Please, welcome to Frankie Ward. How you doing? Frankie, hello. I'm good. Thank you. Kevin. Thank you for having me. Yes, and so you are a house as the best way to put this your Counter-Strike staple you off. R a i guess mobile around the scene you've been in what League of Legends. What have you been in so far that I, I guess, Apex Legends. I've never done. Do to tear apart from someplace fees for charity event. So, never done to the only place that screw up the Netflix. I've done fortnite apart, I get a part from interviewing players for charity but I've never actually done fortnite, even though I've kind of started full-time as a host, really in pubg in a battle royale. So oh yeah, it surprised me. I never really went to any other Battle Royale but maybe that's kind of like a loyalty team loyalty thing loyalties will be tested as always, but we'll see maybe in the future. You'll, you know, in a recent fortnite players, maybe Booga will show up again. And and you know when other three million jobs out of us or something and you'll be like if I must, I would be happy to work with ethics. Oh yeah. For sure you go. So you have a background in radio and television production broadcast media in general. You've For Counter-Strike. And how many years now? I feel like it's been. I don't want to, I don't want to date you here. But for three years I did my first Counter-Strike Event in May 2018, which of the desk hosting a small event called the gamdom premier. And then I just coasted the Americas minor for the face at London. Major, that was back in July 2018. So I actually needed three events in CS in the, in my first year of doing in 2018. And then I did nineteen events as talent in 2019 and one event as took us. Holy, holy moly, that's that's a lot for a year or once and then some, yeah. Oh, my goodness. So, I mean, we'll get into that a little bit later. The main reason you're on here is you yourself are partnering with Red Bull to start a new podcast called? Save your game, am I getting that right? Is it save your game? Yeah, Red Bull said your game. Yes, that is the new podcast wage Perfect. And so you guys are bringing on insiders from around Esports and gaming in general. Not just related to Competitive Gaming but pretty much bring them on to talk about their games but they like to play that influence them. But for the most, what does this show about? What was the inspiration behind it? The idea of the podcast is that it is about Gamers who made it home and I guess and who are telling us about the games that really were important in that process or maybe even after they've become professional the games have stuck with them through that time. So it's really interesting to kind of dial Vin to Back stories and find out more about who people were when they were playing those important games as well. Because I think that's one of the most interesting Parts about it's kind of their human stories and not just about games really. They're also about the people who what the games were to them at those moments in their lives. Oh wow. So is there a specific amount of games? You guys are going to be talking about like a dog. You're limiting the guess cuz like I could go on for like twenty games about my favorite ones, influenced me, but I'm sure for a podcast for me to kind of limit them a little bit. So we decided to go with three games, which I know is really tough in the first place. Because you're basically having to cut things down to to just three games. And you could have played well over a hundred games in your life. I'm sure a lot of people listening to this will have. So choosing just three is very difficult, maybe choosing 10, lots of hard, but but hey, it's like a half hour podcast. We don't have time to talk about every single game. Unfortunately, yeah, we've had to go with the hard decision to make it only three games, and that's especially difficult for our guests.

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