The Best (MM #3758)


The Maison with Kevin nation in life were often fixated on the best the worst and it's all subjective I've talked before about the best pizza down the best fish sandwich. Even the best seat in the house. A lot of best's I've talked about, but in reality, it's just my opinion. When those cases the opinion of the people who wrote the article, I found on the internet, a recent story from I believe it's C-SPAN wage rates the presidents and of course, everybody's talking about it because where does President Trump fall Abraham? Lincoln is always first in Washington is always 2nd and FDR is always third. I think Pierce is always on the bottom, doesn't matter. It's all subjective. I can tell you the best presidents in my lifetime, at least based on my life, based on how things affected me at the time, being best the tops, it's all subjective, it all doesn't matter. At the end of the day, who's the best basketball player of all time, is a Michael Jordan is. LeBron James what about Wilt, Chamberlain? What about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has Babe Ruth better than Henry, Aaron and baseball. It's all subjective and it all doesn't matter and just something to talk about we quest to be the best. It's only subjective dead.

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