Calls To Cancel Both Tokyo and Beijing Olympics Grow Louder

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That the tokyo olympics are going to press ahead even though we are in the midst of serious global health pandemic jewels boycott. He's a professor of political science at pacific university in oregon. He represented the us soccer team in international competition and he's really into the olympics author of four books on the olympics. Maybe we checked. He's definitely written four books about the olympics and he's been following the tokyo games closely and for me. It's a chance to slow down and think about the olympics. More generally a lot of what we're seeing in tokyo is actually not necessarily tokyo problems. But they're olympic problems. The get imported into every host city just happens to be tokyo in this case and under pandemic conditions and the pandemic continues to be a real source of tension around these games with the tokyo olympics. Just over ten weeks away. Ifc president thomas bach canceling a planned trip to japan citing the surge of covid nineteen cases there with a state of emergency recently extended in several parts of the country. The olympics are experiencing major mayhem right now. Medical officials in japan and across the world are clamoring for the olympics to be cancelled men while the international olympic committee and local. Tokyo organizers are saying that the games will in fact go on in japan where cases are surging where they're in the midst of their fourth wave less than two percent of the population is fully vaccinated and the buildup continues to be dominated by two questions. We'll they go ahead and should they go ahead. There's a lot of pushback in japan as well as around the world from medical professionals scientists and even some athletes are starting to wonder aloud whether it's bright to push ahead with the olympics.

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