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We have responded like no other government in Australia's history. This budget has cemented a pivotal change in Australian politics. The coalition is driving in the Labor Party's economic lane. Later later, Anthony Albany Z will deliver his budget in reply to Parliament tonight. He's expected to make announcements on social housing, clean energy and more support for women. As he walks a tightrope between questioning the government spending and proposing Maura of his own. It will be a difficult case to prosecute. An example, Labors finance spokeswoman Katie Geller her giving her assessment of the budget yesterday either be expending approach the right one. They have come closer to the certainly the steps we took in the GFC. Has the government spent too much. I don't think anyone would stand in the way. Of the quantum of the investment. Will the public accept it? Well, this certainly areas I think that will resonate in the community. You know that. Who doesn't like it when you spend $100 billion with their economic approaches, now more similar than before. Labor can be expected to try to differentiate itself from the coalition on delivery of promises on its social and environmental credentials. And innovation of ideas instead. Anthony Albany Z's colleagues will be watching him as closely as the government is to see what fired he might be able to put up with the next election is Jew early next year that could be called later this year. Scott Morrison is suggesting he isn't in a hurry to go to the polls. There'll be an opportunity for Australians to express their view. When the election finally comes right now I'm finding the virus. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, ending that report by Melissa Clark. That's silly. I am In finance stocks on Wall Street have ended lower amid ongoing concerns about inflation. The Dow Jones industrial average is closed down almost 2% oils higher. Striding at $65.78. U S a barrel. The Australian dollar is a touch lower this morning. It's buying 77.24 U S sense. I'm sorry, Lane. A quarter past six. ABC radio traffic. Good morning and spread here from the Department of Transport. A couple of things look out for one hour Freeway, especially Melvin's ways to delays on the Western freeway itself through rock bank getting onto the deeper bypass with the collusion just out to Christie's road that emergency services are attending to You'll need to stay on the west of Freeway used Fella Red Road and stared through D park up towards the mot Ring road. But for even further back, consider taking the melting highway through the call the freeway. It's running well at this stage of the morning and some slight delays coming off the whisky, a bridge up towards Todd Road with a couple of vans involved in a collision in balance, the right lane just being cleared up now. With the tow trucks in attendance. Taking that last van away that speeds down to 40 kilometers per hour past cruise the wrong side of the freeway is looking okay at this stage, no problems for tram and train services. That's the latest traffic. Another update. Just after 6 30 bicycles, foot to

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