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Gates and Greenberg paid under age girls or offered them gifts in exchange for sex. As part of his plea agreement, Greenberg, who was Seminole County Tax collector will admit he recruited women for commercial sex acts paying more than $70,000 from 2016 to 2018. Might cross CEO Washington. At least a dozen states are going along with the CDC guidance on masks, allowing people who have been fully vaccinated go without masks outdoors and in some cases, endorse people who've been vaccinated or happy. But also wary, not Everybody is getting vaccinated. So how are we gonna patrol? This is probably going to be frustrating when they show up to an establishment thinking I don't need to wear my mask right? And if they don't Have one on them and they get turned away. That could be really frustrating. A non specific national terrorism alert from homeland Security warns violent extremists may try to take advantage of the easing of the pandemic restrictions to conduct attacks. COLUMBUS, Ohio agrees to pay a $10 million settlement to the family of Andre Hill, a black man who was fatally shot by a white Columbus police officer in December as he was walking out of a garage holding a cell phone. His daughter Korisa, Hill, tells Ws y x w T T E

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