A highlight from Changes to CDL and OWL Sponsors, NRG Asia Launched

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Hey Esports folks, I'm Kevin Correia and this is your Esports and minute. Activision Blizzard has made a pretty significant announcement in terms of who teams can sign sponsorship deals with. Now in the Call of Duty and OverWatch League teams will be permitted, assigned liquor, and wedding sponsors. As the rules have been relaxed OverWatch League, slash enroll Ravens have already pounced on a partnership with betting site midnight for their team. Sponsor, the change in the stands will allow all teams to sign individual sponsors and A New Path for revenue and brand opportunities, as well as in a meeting capital for those teams and their organizations. Speaking of OverWatch League format changes have been announced out of their June. Now, stage two events hero pools are back in rotation, which will force teams change their strategies and tactics. That means no more Tracer. Sombra Reinhardt and Zenyatta, as they'll be blocked from play in qualifying and turn it. Matches for the june house, blizzard side of their over 10 per month. Take rated reasons for the return of your own pools. The game developer also made changes to tiebreaker scenarios in the league that will take into account map. Differential head-to-heads and League points to name a few. Lastly, they've lived the new map rotations for their game modes. Will put a link in the podcast description. So you can check out all the changes in details e sports or Gand r. G has partnered with Vietnamese Fitness Company, CMG Asia and lunch a new branch of their organization known as NRG Asia. The new outfit will acquire Vietnamese League of Legends national champions, Gama Esports as their first team in the region. The VCS region has been firm in God's hands. As they previously one these spring and summer splits as well as three major victories in the past two years and RG previously applied for a permanent spot in the Korean League, seen in the lck. But later withdrew that application with this acquisition energy agency in hopes that ngam can transform from VCS Champs to World champs. As soon as this season, I'm Kevin Correia that's my time and this has been your dog.

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