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Willoughby honest. I'm feeling fantastic. Really yes i feel a sense of hope and faith that has not been with me for years. I feel like i'm born again because tim tebow's career has been resurrected. My god you find that inspiring. Oh yes. I do. Because much tim tebow. I've been given so many opportunities in my career and add repeatedly shift the bid so from a logical perspective. There is no reason to give me another chance. It'd be just a foolish waste of everybody's time and money right. Yes and here's tibo suddenly becoming a tight end for the jacksonville jaguars. I mean if a multi sport failure lag him can still pursue his then. So can i. Yes so you think he's gonna do well jacksonville absolutely not let me be clear. No but he will cash some checks. And that's all i'm looking for honestly. I don't even myers expecting him to succeed. I think he's there just to be a media distraction to take some pressure off a trevor lawrence. But it doesn't matter of chevy throws five interceptions. The story of every game is going to be stuff like tim. Tebow sat on a new part of the bench this week. Film at eleven. That's right. I said film and eleven as if it was nine hundred. Eighty two gina employ. I see don't you think it's kind of insulting to the other guys who's roster spot. He's taking no no no. He's serving a purpose eighty. There's nothing in the rule book that says a team cannot hire a distraction right. It's the airbud. Excuse exactly tim tebow. He is air bud he is just a family. Friendly golden retriever. Who somehow plays every sport and is like all dogs. go into heaven but Any huddles enough about that. But i am just overjoyed to welcome my guest. Today he's the host of the dan patrick show on peacock you can follow them at at. Dp show on twitter. Boy that was a mouthful. And what the heck. I just said but you can do that. It's of course dan. Patrick welcome damn jimmy. Great to talk to you again. Always great to have you here. I gotta admit home a little bit. Be at our wires crossed little. I'm of course. I'm overjoyed you here as i said but i did think that we had booked danika. Patrick sh she didn't i. I ask danika patrick and you said we had danika patrick. What's the story jim. You said. Dan patrick say boy. I would tuned in for danika myself. I that would have been a great gift. Exactly i mean now that you are in but you know she's. She's a lot cuter than your dan. We once did a commercial at sportscenter where she was parking spots at said deep patrick out front of espn and she pulls up in one of a race cars. And then i have it towed. Because that's my parking spot at at sportscenter. That's very funny. I'm jealous because that's that's funnier than let's early. It's early in the game to make it up. Okay here we well. I was very to talk to us if you know mine. I'm asking you. The first question was going to ask her. Okay all right. Were you very upset. When things didn't work out romantically for you and aaron rodgers. Blame brian gouda kunst for this. The gm of the packers where he deserves blame for these.

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