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Today. They talked about a number of things. One of the biggest things that came out of it you protocols for fully vaccinated players team personnel if you're fully vaccinated this year you won't have to wear a mask at the facility. You won't have to be tested every day you can use the cafeteria etc if you are not those restrictions from last year will remain in place league continuing to try and incentivize. Vaccinations royal jones. Situations going to have to wait until at least next week. The falcons can't trade him until after june first for salary cap reasons but this is expected to happen at some point between now and the start of the season. Julio jones moving on from atlanta via trade some other team as the falcons need to clear that cap space and the aaron rodgers situation remains at a standstill. He's in hawaii. He's not in green bay. Ota's with his team. Of course those are voluntary workouts. But we know there's more to it than that with rodgers who wants out of green bay and has made it clear that he is at odds with the front office over a number of things. Th- rogers situation. The packers continue to insist that they're not going to trade him. They think they can still work something out in that situation. Continue to drag on through the off season crowds. Here's a reminder at how we got here with and the packers it started in. Last year's draft when green bay elected to trade up and drafter love although aaron rodgers and self. He doesn't have a problem with during love earlier this week. Then things only intensified after the packers loss in the nfc championship game with roger saying his future is uncertain which leads us to the draft. This year when adam schefter reported rogers no longer wants to return to green bay and as mentioned all the drama surrounding. Rhonda's doesn't seem to be affecting him. He's out there in hawaii with his fiancee. Assuming woodley an actor miles teller teller kaley. They posted these pictures in hawaii. On vacation Kaley posted up. Though i should i should do. Here wasn't aaron. Rodgers posting them. Really trying to troll people but dan. What is the ripple effect here to know rogers. Ota's because i think people think the no rogers at otas isn't that big of a deal but there's more to it right. I mean football is a team sport but right now. This is a one on one battle. Aaron rodgers is winning. And it's aaron rodgers pitted against their general manager. Brian goodwin goose. It's not just aaron rodgers. Not there his top five receivers. Don't show up and that is very rare for the nfl because so often we players when it comes to off the field issues everybody hears this right a millette. That guy handle his business off. The field is different. These players are now choosing sides. And you're not only talking about green bay having to at least try to repair the relationship between them and aaron rodgers. there's a ripple effect of trying to repair relations with some other players. Now his receivers are going. We're not even coming to. Ota's if aaron rodgers in there we don't care if you've got a young quarterback we're not showing up and i know you don't want your players running your football team but it certainly seems like they are in green bay right now. This is a choose. Your side line has been drawn in the sand battle in green bay with these receivers not showing up and it is either young players. Are you going to choose the quarterback that might not be there or you're going to choose the general manager that selected you and in many ways hold your future as a player in that organization in his hands. It's one on one then. I love the way your firing this thing up because you are speaking triskel sat here. Is the issue. Here is the issue for green bay. Joo koon go apologize. Full apology man. I messed this thing up from the jump. And i know he is said that whatever else needs to be said what aaron get. It said understanding that you do want players running your organization. You'll think tom brady ran. Tampa bay last year. Yeah you'll think tampa and tom brady help. Run new england. Peyton manning drew brees. Yes you do want players running your organization because loyalty lies in the locker room. That's where guys stay loyal. That's where teams are built. That's where relationships are forged and grown and developed so teams can actually be built. You don't want just the general manager coming out and doing things or coaches. you need. Play your lead organizations. He has been there sixteen years. Y'all sixteen years. May he knows every equipment every train every person who works at the facility like you keep naming like relationship actor relationship. This guy has been there. It needs to be solved from the organizational. Whether it's mark murphy. I don't know if it's him. Whoever it is but get this apology done so there can be some some moving forward for this organization. It serves nobody to stay in this rift. Marcus when you think about this and how you would look at everybody in this situation. Who actually the biggest loser here is jordan. Love and listen man. I you know all the feelings about apologize man the hell with dead. You got to coach. The football team and the players are their. Y'all handle that business away. Look as right now for jordan. Love is the most important time of the year. The dude is trying to figure out what's going to be a starter in green bay if he's going to have to play he's in a mess right now when it comes to his future and playing football. Not only that you got. They didn't show up the otas. That may have to work with a new quarterback. Listen around karen. Handel has been he wants to do. We can keep talking. About gouda colson morgue murphy and the green bay packers an apology. What they if any figured out the industry issue apology a year ago. They ain't go issue one. Now that's the point. The second thing is all the players choose sides. I'm gonna make a psa players. Don't listen to dan orlovsky. Be dumb because your your bills. Iraj his name only your household and go be paid for by air rods. Worry about iraj is it. Were told them. Contract is for what you need to throw a for. Cause i say this all the time. Y'all era raja's take his side to the quarterback when you need a damn first of all talking about someone being in your feelings you need to slow down second of all. I said you. Aaron rodgers side or the general manager. I didn't say that question. But i didn't say that question mark is obviously some of the players did because they didn't show up to ota's so they're obviously listening to the quarterback and not listening to us that smart. There's this marcus they want and you think smarter than you or the. Let me ask you for doing it. Let me ask you this. Is it smart to just sit there and do whatever the general manager does. Is it smart to not stand up for your quarterback but the work smart to have. Your boy is actually really fast. Do you think the packers are really going to get rid of brian. Gouda coots what happened. Dexter only option to save aaron rodgers. What i mean. Is that the only option you. Because i don't think apology fixes. What he destroyed. Because he destroyed. Aaron rodgers confidence and aaron rodgers trust in the organization. And that's my problem with the jeff final word. Listen this is what i would say this is. This is a great opportunity for aaron rodgers to be the man. He wants everybody to think or believe him to be accept the apology. Move on for the betterment of the green bay packers. The best opportunity for both east for brian and for aaron to be successful is together because they have built a agree. They've been in the nfc championship game. The last two years. They're right on the cusp of their starting left. Tackle plays against tampa. They may be in the super bowl. This team is really close. It doesn't benefit anybody to blow it all up quick quick reflection ask jerry jones about jimmy johnson back in the day. Had you kept everything together. Swallow your pride from both sides. Whichever got accept apologies give apologies whatever it is and let the entire team learn and grow from this experience. All marcus was trying to get back. But we've got to go. So i'm sorry swaggie. We're going to find out what you had to say after the break. We got

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