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We're going to hop right back into it and we're going to start with rishaad bateman from the baltimore ravens. He was picked with the twenty seventh overall. Pick in nfl draft. And there's been a lot of conversations about rashaad bateman as to where he compares to some of the other receivers in this class. I know in particular out of people have been comparing him to rondo more but is there a conversation to be made that he's better than other receivers qadir's tony that went before him. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this call. Would you have to say about rashaad bateman. Yeah as far as a baby. And he's a guy that i think. A lot of other people in the industry were were higher on that. I was going into the draft. One thing i do think kind of happen with his leaning spot is these kind of seemed to fall down in some bricky drafts that i've seen and he's kinda back to where the place that i kinda thought he should be all long You know if he falls any further than where he he's kind of going like i've seen him fall as far as like Seventeenth overall in in some superplex ethic. That's just a little bit of over reaction from the from the market you know It probably settle down. He'll probably move up a little bit more as addressees goes along closer to the season. But i think there's people need to be really careful because we saw with. Aj brown where he went to a a a lesson desirable situation a few years ago and people You know pushed him down too late. I you know second second round rookie drafts and turned out to be a pretty big mistake you know. You can't overreact. To situations. Lamar jackson still developing as a passer. And we really don't know whether the baltimore offense may open up or not you know the part of the reason why they might be writing so much inhabit says low volume and passing is because they really dependent on their own their defense and the running game but it also might be an issue because they didn't have the water receivers with the skill sets the to produce so bateman adds a very vital piece in my opinion that they did not have or last couple seasons in in a possession. Receiver know that moves change as well as a another red zone threat to help out with mark andrews because really their receivers have not been responsible for touchdowns last and Marquees brown where i think. He's a good. football player. Is for a stretching the field when he's healthy i. I'm not sure that he's the type of guy that you really want to depend on in dynasty especially in ppo release because he's not going to have a high volume with the with the average depth of targets that he gets. I'd argue that this landing spot for bateman is fantastic landing spot for a rashad baby because you have an offense here with mark. He's brown and like you said. Mark brown is used primarily as deep that this is not a guy that's gonna be demanding by receiver one targets. I think he's gonna be demanding some targets. But he's the guy that's a good deep threat and he's going to have big games here and there but the baltimore. Ravens are lacking a number one receiver. And they haven't had a number one receiver for quite some years. And i can't remember quite frankly the last time they had a number one receiver and resod bateman guy to me that could hop right in there in become a true number one receiver for the baltimore. Ravens this is a great possessing catch. This is a guy that is just an all great receiver. He's going to be a great match with lamar jackson. And he's probably gonna get some solid targets away out of the gate and so i was. I'm pretty how. I was pretty high on them. Before the draft started. I had him publicly about my fourth or fifth best receiver and landing spot to me. Doesn't change anything for rashad bateman. I still think he's worthy of a late. I ask pick in dynasty rookie drafts. You could depends. Maybe even a little bit higher. But i think overall basements a great receiver and i would even argue because i know a lot of people are considering bateman to be the top of the second tier for receivers. But i would argue that. Maybe he should be considered with the first tier receivers as well because if considering jalen waddell to be in that first year a battisti receivers this year now. People are than i have to make the case. The bateman is right up there with jalen waddell because you look at geelong competition and wolf Devante parker for targets. And then you look at batman's competition for targets as well and you have like brown and the opportunity is actually better for the women's and i'd have to argue that. Lamar jackson is a better quarterback than a tiger. Ryo as well and yes. I know that they've been known for the running game in the past. But i think that's naturally because they haven't had an alpha dog receiver like rishaad based in also rashaad. Bateman is a guy that is going to be able to handle a lot more targets than jalen watteau. I don't see as high as many targets in receptions for jalen models i actually think that rashad bateman of very good receiver and he's someone worth considering in your dynasty rookie draft him would be a great value. Fell to like the back half of the first round in your dynasty rookie draft okay. Let's move on

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