Denmark Plans Massive Wind-Energy Hub on an Artificial Island


The country of denmark has long produced oil and gas in the sea but denmark has to phase that out by twenty fifty instead. We racing ambitions when it comes to offshore wind. Dan jurgens in his denmark's minister of climate energy and utilities. He says that over the next decade his country plans to build a massive wind energy hub on an artificial island in the north sea it will collect energy from hundreds of offshore wind turbines and deliver it to european customers in. Its first phase. The hub is expected to produce enough electricity to power three million households and ultimately enough for ten million. So it's a huge project. It's probably the biggest infrastructure project in the history of my country. Jorgensen says abundant clean energy can help advance other green technologies. Denmark's long-term goal is to use wind power to create liquid fuel for use planes and ships. That technology exists today. But it's very expensive and it's not possible to do it into scale would be necessary so that's one of the reasons why we're doing is so long term. The project could create winds of change for green transportation to

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