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Welcome to true mysteries of the pacific northwest. Stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often lost in the midst of time. I'm your host kit chrome. Today we look at the vortex at the oregon. Vortex you can watch a drop of water flow uphill. You can hang from a bar but your feet won't hang straight down in a fluid the flow revolves around an axis line which may be straight or curved. Vortex is a massive energy that in a rotary or horley motion causing a depression or vacuum in the center. If you've seen a tornado than you've seen a vortex but this massive twirling energy like many naturally occurring phenomenon are often given supernatural properties. They're considered by many to be gateways. Were portals to other. Realms both spiritual and dimensional vortex are said to exist where there are strong concentrations of gravitational anomalies creating an environment. That can bend or defy gravity. Get that okay. There are two main definitions for vortexes on one hand. There's a simple scientific definition in the world. Hard facts and proof of texas defined as a swirling mass of substance such as air water or fire examples of the four texas could be cited as polls or volcanoes. These taxes are based on fact and science but since the early nineteen twenties. Another definition of war. Tech's world to the surface of consciousness steeped in new age concepts soaked and mystery and bubbling with controversy the definition of a war tax points to supernatural events spiritual supercenters and unexplained phenomena examples of this type of gortex colombia found at stonehenge the giza pyramids and insights of former civilizations such as the incas in peru. There are also several war taxes in the united states the most popular abundant of which are located in and around sedona arizona. Many of us don't require proof to believe in things such as the vortex hidden towers but there is another caution that comes along with the popularity of war tech sites for spiritual quest. No i'm not going to caution you to beware of hidden doors leading to other worlds. I'm not going to advise how to communicate with a ferry or elemental. Should you bump into one. I won't caution to keep your soul tethered tightly to your body in the event of unplanned astral travel but i will offer caution about one serious concern tourist traps. Vortexes will always be magical places too many regardless of what science prove or disprove they may not whisk you away on a yellow brick road but they certainly offer a chance to cross over into peaceful spiritual dimensions perhaps more psychological than physical yet still. They may exist in our inspiring landscape such as vortex spots in and around sedona arizona and the oregon vortex in the middle of a forest. But what if a tornado is a true tax and it is then what would it be like in the center of that giant war. Tech's here we go on a june afternoon in nineteen fifty five. A huge tornado struck central nebraska. It soon down the north platte river toward the town of scottsbluff according to an article from the meteorological publication monthly weather review three reporters from radio stations mobile broadcasting unit spotted the funnel just north of town and tried to flee by driving through a local cemetery only to encounter a locked gate at the other end with their escape. Cut off the ditch their vehicle but left the radio transmitter running so that the public could hear the storm's fury and they took refuge in the basement of a stone building the three broadcasters huddled around the basement furnace and waited for the tornado to reach them. Pretty soon. strange things started happening. I they saw shovels hoes rakes and other tools out. Basements entrance round then came total darkness in a deep roar and the furnace twisted heaved than apparently for a few minutes. Men found themselves inside. The vortex of a tornado suddenly felt the temperature drop from early summer warmth to an unseasonal coolness and they had a difficult time finding enough to break fortunately within minutes the roar of the tornado moved off into the distance and they were able to step out of the building which miraculously had suffered only slight damage while other structures surrounded had been leveled the on the science which reduce or text to base elements little is known about that massive energy the swirl around in a rotary motion will. The vortex was produced here night. All sounds studio researched by ryan anderson written by as an alleged writers. I'm get crumb. Thanks for listening.

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