A highlight from Ep 243 | Feminists vs. Radical Gender Ideology | Guest: Meghan Murphy


Having a wonderful day. I am so excited for you to listen to this conversation with megan murphy as she is a podcast here she is a writer. She is an activist for women's rights and she was She has been kind up exiled because of her views on gender activism and quote gender identity. So we're gonna talk all about that today. We're gonna talk about the parts of feminism that she has started to question the parts of progressive. Isn't she is started to question since she has been pushed to the side by her former political allies in former fellow feminists And so i'm really excited for you to just glean a lot of wisdom from her and i think a lot of courage as well she embodies of. She's got some good advice for us at the end. So without further ado here is nagin murphy nagging. Thank you so much for joining me. I am been wanting to interview you for a very long time. Can you tell everyone who may not be familiar. Who you are and what you do. I'm megan murphy I ran a still run. A feminist website called feminist current at a canada I have a podcast in a youtube show called the same drugs I'm probably most maybe most well known for getting kicked off of twitter for understanding the difference between men and women. So i don't know is that a good intro. I'm a writer. I write for the spectator yet. Sometimes yes that is. That's a great introduction. That is probably way i heard of you. I too that might be where a lot of people know your name from. I know you're probably tired of telling the story like rehashing this over and over again but for those who don't know. Can you tell him why you got kicked off of twitter. I don't know how many years ago was now a couple of years ago. Yeah was at the end of twenty eighteen And i essentially was kicked off for. I mean the the funny thing is that. I still don't actually know. I don't technically know what rule i bro. Twitter never told me like you. Just get one of those form responses. That says broke a rule for hateful conduct an so essentially. I was kicked off for speaking critically about gender identity ideology so i refuse to pretend that men can become women. It's not possible. I refuse to beat. Pretend that it's possible to change biological sex Primarily what i was speaking out about were laws and policies that would effectively You know would harm women and girls would harm. Women's rights would put an end to women's sex-based rights. And i said one of the tweets that i was suspended for was men aren't women though I wasn't attacking anyone. I was just engaging in a conversation And the one that finally got me kicked off was when i referred to male name. Jonathan yanni who is now calling himself jessica. You need who is predatory who's aggressor. Who's an all round. A bad person have risen. Who is trying to coerce female aestheticians into waxing. His falls put it bluntly i referred to him as he and then i was permanently banned from the platform. And this is a man who looks like a man at the time he was still using his male pronouns in his social media accounts You know he hadn't medically transitioned or anything like that. I don't think. I even knew that he was trying to pass himself. As a woman. And that was that form. Response i appeal. They got another former response. We tried to sue in california We lost that case. You know like i i. I still don't totally understand the situation. Because again i've not i don't i don't know if there was a rule against Referring to males as he. If they didn't want to be referred to in. That way. The dan that i got kicked off i there was a a news report. A news report article in pink news. I don't want to refer to pink. News is like a legitimate news source saying that. Twitter had a new rule against dead naming against miss 'gendering. And that was you know. Like i don't know fifteen minutes off after i got banned from twitter. So the timing of that was very strange. So i'm just guessing that these are the rules. I broke but i think that what it was is that i had like a really. I was gaining a really prominent voice. I was getting a lot of support in terms of my critiques. Gender identity ideology in the impact on women and girls and somebody at twitter or some people have connections at twitter. Didn't like that and they just decided to silence mirror attempt to sounds me. It seems like the pushback is been harder against people that trans activist would call. Turfs like you then people like me. I'm a christian conservative. Who of course. is not in alignment with most progressive ideology in including this idea that men can become women and vice versa isn't using different pronouns.

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