A highlight from Bloody Mary & Dungeness bay mystery


Welcome to true mysteries of the pacific northwest coming to you from the new and improved night. Owl sound studio. And if i don't sound especially clear it's because i've got a cold if you have a remedy send it to kit k. Crumb g mail dot com. And if it helps me out. I now your name over the podcast and send you a book of your choice. And we'll talk about that if the remedy works now. True mysteries from the pacific northwest investigates urban legend bloody mary. The encyclopedia of urban legends describes a formula for something the spirit of bloody mary. Perhaps you've heard of this. Myth are to move urban legend. Riders set out to determine once and for all if the legend of calling up bloody. Mary was factor fiction the process for bringing forth. The spirit goes something like this. A teenage girl stands alone in a dark room with a large mirror only illuminated by the candle. She holds she chance. I believe in bloody mary thirteen times or until the spirit makes its presence known in the mirror. Our team found that most of the rituals were performed in a bathroom. The story of a nineteen eighty a co ed at a small washington state college put the urban legend writers in the correct state. One graduate explained how her roommate tried out. The ritual ran screaming from the dorm bathroom. Shaking pale genuinely terrified. Her clenched fingers covered in blood are trumpet. Riders were intrigued by the story. But when something more recent the day before they were to return to night owl sound studio with the finished script for me team leader ryan. Anderson was contacted apparently news of an investigative writing team in search of a supernatural travels fast among small towns in washington state of aurora population. Six hundred and fifty five. A young teen was willing to tell her story. Ashley pelton no longer. A resident having moved with the family when her family was transferred to ida was back in the village visiting a friend. It was during a sleepover with six other teens that she took the dare and stepped into the bathroom lights out with only candle in a large mirror. Actually said she wasn't sure of the income tation so recited. I believe mary thirteen times with each research station. She turned a circle when she came around to face the mirror for the last time the face of a young girl wearing on it with sausage curls eyes darting from side to side as if looking for something or someone nearly fill the mirror the head and shoulders appeared to be bobbing up and down in an amber liquid. The that took place just before her family left the area the previous summer and the group sworn each other to silence. Ashley's parents knew nothing of the event but her father roger pelton was an amateur historian and explained the history of aurora village that might account for the image in the mirror bobbing up and down an amber liquid. He told how the small washington state village of aurora started out as a calmly led by prussian. Born taylor william keel. Who moved with his wife to the united states in the eighteen thirties by eighteen forty four.

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