What Does Bill 96 Mean for Quebec?

The Big Story


Jordan rawlings. this is the big story to lead. Ramona's is a montreal based journalist also opinion columnist for cult montreal where she looked at the good the bad and the ugly of bill ninety-six tula. Hey how are you jordan. I'm doing well. Thank you for taking the time. I wanna ask you maybe just to start For those of us outside of quebec can you give us some context for the ever evolving Language legislation this is. There's a lot of historical connotations here. Right oh god where to begin will basically bill ninety. Six is is an upgraded. Its what is supposed to be an upgrade to Kickbacks language law otherwise known as bill went to one you know which just celebrated fifty one years. I think of existence Which aimed to establish french as the common long language in quebec and fifty plus years later the current government The the cue has basically decided because of issues with french because of the constant kind of fragility of the language and they feel that French is eroding vay needed to upgrade they needed to strengthen that legislation that piece of legislation. So here we are now with bill ninety six

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