A highlight from Brett Newski - Anxiety Rocks


Your co-hosted crasnick. My partner threesome. The hippocampus will be here shortly. Jennifer kalari. She is a licensed therapist. And thank god. Chiefs need a bath. All kinds of things are happening today. This is the show where we unite mental health and comedy we talk to people from entertainment all over the world of entertainment and we not only talk about mental health but we practice mental health skills because mental health is a practice that pause pretty good. Mental health is a practice. This is the show. That's not afraid to take you to dysfunction town the show that puts the covering recovery. Show them invites you to take a break instead of a break now. This is a big show. We have a great guest. This is our first musician. We've had on the show. i'm excited. He is so many things he this guy's a pond kassar a song writer and illustrator and alternative From milwaukee wisconsin is debris. New ski will be joining us shortly. Retinues great musician really interesting. Illustrator has a book coming out. I'm excited i'm excited now. We always do the show. We always start with emotional shove so no matter. What emotional state you're in. I'm going to take a drink of water now. And i'm going to announce it that's delicious. Could be a sponsor. Here are emotional. Shoutouts

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