Merrick Garland's Radical Plan To Combat Voter Suppression Is Not What It Seems


Garland. I wonder the Democrats. Desperately wanted him on the United States Supreme Court. He's not a moderate, He's not thoughtful. He's not reasonable. Is another one of them. Them. Radical. I want you to know what he's doing. We have the head of the Civil rights division of the Justice Department who is a flat out her name is Clark as I recall flat out racist, she said, and written some of the most unbelievable stuff. I think Susan Collins voted for confirmation to but nonetheless, there she is. And having secured that position. At the request of Biden and this attorney general. What's happening now? According to Yahoo News, John Ward. Attorney General Merrick Garland. Said that the Department of Justice will dramatically increase its focus on preventing voter suppression. Now you have to understand something. Voter suppression for the Democrat party means what Means state legislatures having rational voting systems in place. Not anarchy. So he's going to increase its focus on preventing voter suppression by doubling the number of lawyers in the civil rights division. In response to a rash of lawsuits or look Excuse me. Laws that have been made made it harder to vote in many states. Now you have to understand how lousy the media Made it harder to vote in many states. So if I want to leave Virginia and vote in, say, Maryland and they say you can't because I'm not a citizen of Maryland. You see, Maryland has just made it harder for me to vote in Maryland. Mr. Producer you understand? It's just disgusting. Our media have really killed this country. We will use all existing provisions to ensure that we protect every qualified Americans seeking to participate in our democracy, Garland said in one of his Castro like speeches Garland compared his action to that taken by former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who said the Justice Department needed a lot more lawyers to combat laws and said says nothing to do. With what Robert Kennedy had to do during segregation. This is so outrageously disgusting. They're going to double the lawyers and the civil rights division and unleash them on our country. Harass the state legislatures try and push this H R one s one into law, forcing states to adopt them. Because Congress couldn't pass it. That is exactly what's going on here.

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