S&P 500 Will Rally 7% in Second Half of 2021

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Start off with a record-breaking first half finale the s&p five hundred hitting another all time high to close out the first half of the year with a fourteen percent gain so things are off to a great starter. Next guest says just wait. It's about to get even better really fun threats. Tom lee just hiked his year. Five hundred price target by seven percent to forty six hundred that ties for st hi. Tom joins us right now. Tom great to have you with us. Great to be here. You're not worried about slowing slowing growth. Compared to earlier this year an economy that reopened in the first half of the year and economy. That will sort of normalize in the back of the year with the threat of of tapering in some form. I think that you know. I don't think recovery is a straight line up but from what we can tell looking at both earnings revisions and and conference calls and really talking to clients and businesses. I think there's still quite a lot of pent-up up demand. I think both on the consumer side right. There's the revenge spending and then with both wealth effect and rising stock prices strong credit markets. I think there's a corporate kepchik cycle coming which is essentially corporate revenge cashback. So i think there's a lot of positive catalysts for surprise in the second

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