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Fail in the Senate. They've been clear the Republican Party and Republicans in the Senate, they do not want to make it easier to vote. Before the People Act would give the federal government more say in how elections are conducted. Republican Senator John Candy believe states should run elections, telling Fox and friends why anybody would take something that's working and give it to the federal government is beyond me. Democrats argue the legislation is needed to combat new state Republican voter laws. Dave Rachel has increased worry about Afghanistan as U. S troops keep leaving in a withdrawal that will be complete by September, the U. N special envoy in Afghanistan told the U. N Security Council today. The Taliban has taken control of more than 50 of the country's 370 districts since May. Many Republicans call the full US pull out a mistake, Congressman Adam Kinzinger tells the Fox news rundown podcasts. I fear that we're going to leave Afghanistan. It's going to be similar to what we saw in Iraq with beheadings and women, you know, into all kinds of bad situations. And we're going to end up having to go back because of the national security implications. A number of Americans fully vaccinated from Covid now hit 150 million. Some don't want the Covid vaccine. Eight students pursuing Indiana University finding a requirement to get the shots in the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is taking a hard line on coronavirus vaccines. There is a national emergency, he says. People who refused to get a shot will be arrested. There is a crisis. Being faced in this country, Duterte said. You choose vaccine or I will have you jailed. The Philippine government acknowledges there's no law against refusing

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