A highlight from True mysteries and Dungeness bay mysteries program note


I've got a programming note for true mysteries of the pacific northwest night. Owl sound studio is being revamped. We're getting all new equipment so there will be no true mysteries of the pacific northwest on thursday or friday. Also the joanna. Bright dungeness bay cozy murder. Mystery series will continue on monday but again will not be aired on thursday or friday due to new equipment. Coming into night owl sound studios spend been two and a half years. With the same old microphones and little bitty computers editing systems. and now. we're going big time. And i'll be giving you all those details on monday so be sure to have a great weekend. Don't fret we're definitely going to be coming back is just. We're getting new equipment. And place is going to be re soundproofed. Dan torn down and built up from the base. So have a great weekend and be sure to listen monday to true mysteries of the pacific northwest and the joanna bride dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series with your host ned

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