A highlight from 06/16/2021 - HOUR 1 - Kevin Durant's Career Performance, Kawhi Leonard and Nick Wright


Were wearing yellow just one time of year where it enjoys. Where yellow address. I swear ago where we allow. We did not plan this. It's just the way it worked out. I can't believe something's in the air you know what it is. It's the summer my favorite time of year. La people are at the beach. Happy happy sons out masks all free. Who so weird as down at the promenade yesterday and like walking into a store fumbling with my mask. They're like you don't need it. How does that feel off. Like noodle soup. Great it does like freedom. It's great to have you in today. Ever watch the news especially like cnn and fox news or msnbc on cable and they'll have an expert on military expert political experts. They just throw that word around like everybody is an expert the other day. I'm watching a show. And they're talking about ufo's and they had a ufo expert. And i'm thinking. How can you be an expert in something. you've never really seen. Close tar to be an expert like to me an expert a veterinarian with animals. That would be an expert but everybody on these networks is throwing out expert. He's an expert on ufo's and military and foreign affairs. And i'm always a little skeptical. I'd like to introduce you to an expert. Kevin durant is an offensive expert in offensive basketball. That's what an expert looks like. He can dribble he can fade. He can hit threes. he can drive. He can finish he can slash. He is a complete offensive machine. Do you know how exhausting it is to play forty eight minutes of an nba game. How exhausting that is. That's a nine thousand calorie burn. It's not like katie's got an extra pudding he's skinniest. Great player ever. He plays an entire game. Forty nine minutes. Seventeen rebounds. ten assists has to defend. That was an all time performance. In what just remarkable. The last five seasons in which he's been healthy at the end of it he has been the best offensive player on the best team. So this is not a surprise in that game. I mean if you really think about it now that lebrons older and his out there really is no competition for the best player because this is always been a seventy five twenty five offense over defense league. Janas can't shoot. Kyri has struggled with injuries. Dame's a small player. Lucas too young. A d can't stay healthy and beads got injuries. James harden has no playoff credibility coli. He's hurt again kind of a question. Mark this is now that lebron lebron's always been sort of the roadblock now that he's out this is kevin's league it should be kevin's league the last five seasons in which he's been healthy at the end he's been like the best player on the best team and it was really funny watching this game last night is did you notice how emotional durant was and steve. Nash was at the end of that game. Like kevin's not on the floor. He'll be frustrated time to time but he's not. He's not a fist pumper. That's not really his thing right. He's kind of stoic. Sometimes did you see how emotional he was. Because i think kevin knows last night's win there in the finals. I don't care about philadelphia. i don't care about atlanta. I don't care about the bucks. I think kevin knew i got up by time tonight. Kyri will come back eventually. It's probably the next series and harden was obviously going to be rusty. He was that. I was like james ever played basketball. I think kevin new can. I buy us a night. That's it. I just gotta get us a night. If i can get us through this same way. I look at the football season when join. I go into a football season. You can't take a day off for five months. And i always look at thanksgiving if i can get the thanksgiving. I'm not sick. i'm ready to go. I can see the next monday. I show up after thanksgiving. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I can see christmas vacation. I thought kevin durant at the end of that game. He knew okay can get past tonight. Hardens not gonna be really good. He's not going to be one hundred percent. He's not gonna have as timing he's not gonna be able to really defend any got him through it. I mean that. That's what an offensive expert looks like to be that effortless and that officiant in the biggest game of the year against us supposedly great defensive team again. What's amazing about great players. And i and i know we talk about him nonstop. But i've said this multiple times. does everybody understand. How much greater like peyton. Manning brady kobe bryant michael jordan durant. Lebron think about this. Every time kevin durant in his entire career after maybe his rookie season goes into a game.

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