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Club when he was fourteen eighteen. Now i'm gonna welcome jack rosenthal to the show. Hey thanks so much for having me on excited to be here so now just finished. His first year university babson college babson college and while he's zeroed another book on teenage entrepreneurship so a lot of guests. Who are trying to figure out how does come into play. I think jackson coolest thing because got teenagers doing this. It's been a ton of fun for us. We did a macho secrets. Gotcha was last. June man seems forever ago. We actually were in denver and russell unlike a secret that was set originally for a lot of Comical coaching program. Our students but we decided we best. You actually watch kids. And since they brought their kids to this this event it was through the roof. It was crazy and i love the most is your kids actually got learn faster implemented more than a love appearance did and i think it's really cool. Jack is take a look at all the crazy stuff. You've been doing again. Hundred twenty thousand dollars is in the Club right now is investing already. I've got my youngest is eighteen. So i understand where you're at right now. He's actually lake we right now. I was on the late this weekend so not too far less there. You go so with all the jackets diving tell me. How did you find out about us. Yeah okay so a couple of things one. I'll tell you how you found that you and then to kind of introduce myself to the audience so first of all. I found out about you guys. I listened to a podcast where he had grant on at forget. Who who's interviews. Either you or russell as you ed grant. And that's how. I found out about this podcast. I've been on like twenty or thirty other. Podcasts promoting my book kind of building up my personal brand anyway. A little bit about me so when i was fourteen years old i started something called the young investors club. The idea was a bunch of teenagers. should all put in a thousand dollars in the stock market and be collectively manage the money together. My freshman year caused fourteen are crude about twenty other kids to join the club sweet about twenty members in twenty thousand roughly of assets by nandonet year by the time of my Junior high school the beginning of my junior year. We'd about forty members in forty thousand acids in the club and that was the year the is i wanted to take the large the investors club and basically turn it into the largest investing club that i was aware of in the country so we went very heavy degree in that mode that year. We sent out hundreds of emails Dozens of phone calls parents and teenagers obviously of times. The parents are Fronting the money up front or they're facilitate the money they need to be involved as well and by then that year we went from forty to over or too close to a hundred members and over one hundred twenty thousand dollars in assets in the fund. Young message club Kept in a charge account. Anyway anyways i've ran at club all the way throughout my senior high school at the end of my senior high school. I decided. I wanted to pass on the club to someone else. Who's still in high school. Because i always wanted to highschool to be running. The club now has not the college. But i wanted to leave the club with one final parting gift. Which was my book. The first book. I wrote teen investing the idea behind writing. The book was just like a collection of all mine besting principles that i of learned throughout the years as a teenager what i try to teach everyone. Investors club decided to put all that information to book. Give it out to everyone for free young investors club. And then when i figured out it's like wait a minute. This kind of information is really relevant will basically any neutral teenager. That's interested in investing. So i mean the book available on amazon and since then the book has done incredibly williams on it's now the number two bestselling teenage investing book on amazon. So that was my first book teen. Investing in the most recently my freshman year of college i wrote. My latest book teen entrepreneurship in. That book has done very well for the start as well to know that that brings us to today. I love to. Jack restart looking at this whole concept of entrepreneurship. What makes you. What makes you an entrepreneur at eighteen going to college saying. Gosh if you're not ready to go to college he's something else i'm trying to kind of get feel for what's at where you're at. I actually recently today just had a friend of mine sent me a tax. He's trying to get xavier. Says i'm trying to design. Something for entrepreneurs always wanted emblem or designed that after wear on the ring bracelet necklace. That represents being an entrepreneur. Is there an image or anything that comes to your mind at represents being an entrepreneur. Probably like some guy like swimming up like downward stream like swollen up down or stream probably like the best image. I could think of audit. It's awesome so again. Why don't entrepreneurship. What do you have to. Yes so so the reason why kinda went into against. I don't know if i necessarily had a choice. You know when. I was eight years old i started. I bought my first stock and other kids. Everyone has a passionate hobby when their kids. Some kids love playing basketball. They love dribbling and all they wanna do. Just play basketball today. Some kids played football. They just live breathe diet. They went watch football and play football all the time other kids love computer programming other love chess. Other kids love dancing. Whatever the case it'd be nice thing was always business that staying in entrepreneurship. Just since the time that. I could like i speak. I always wanted to sell things. I've spilt my website.

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