A highlight from 713: Muppets in Spaaaace! (Farscape S1E1-2)



I'll be your host tonight eric. Scott and joining me. As i fellow escaped convict jason johnson. Hello everybody all right. Some quick background on farscape australian-american joint production series produced originally for the nine network australia and at aired here in the us on the scifi channel from nineteen ninety nine until two thousand two so it was four seasons each twenty two episodes long That was canceled on a nice annoying cliff hanger and then they manage to actually get the rights back and wrap it up with the peacekeeper wars two part miniseries in two thousand four so before we started. Just wanna give everybody a little note on what we found out when we started watching For this re-watch Please use the episode order on wikipedia at least receives them one as apparently found out that the episode order on amazon prime is using the air date not the production date so that can cause some kind of a out of sync experiences. Were some characters referenced stuff. That hasn't happened yet if you watch the amazon murder So for example today we're doing seasons one episodes one and two according to the wikipedia production order. But if you're watching amazon you'd be watching episodes one in seven. That's a slight difference. So we'll try to add that wikipedia link to the show notes. Or he just go to pedia. Look farscape and keys in one episode list right enough in mr of you down some fun jason. How did you get involved with farscape. Winter start watching it. How much did you watch etc etc. So farscape is one of those fun shows that i actually completely missed. I knew about it. You know it was. In the periphery saifi community. All that kind of stuff. But at the time it aired i had no access to any of the channels where it aired there was obviously pre internet access and all that kind of stuff so at least in the middle of nowhere where i live so i actually completely missed it other than just kind of being aware of it and wishing i could watch it i remember you know. I think it was one of the first ones i can remember. Outside of the star trek to to have some of the puppets and stuff. that muppets puppets. I don't know what we call the farscape malians. But i guess we'd have to defer to a one of the other podcasts on muppets too but You know so. I completely missed some of the The airing of it. But it's always been of the shows that i wanted to watch and just every time so completely new to me as we go through it and i'm kind of a hybrid of that i knew it was on tv. Because we had scifi channel back. Then i think i was just recently married at the time so i wasn't really interested or we had other things to do obviously than watch tv. So i don't think. I started watching until late season two. Maybe not her reruns back then. So i may have just kept going with season two and just kind of figured it out and just follow along as it went and then i watched the whole rest of seasons. Two three and four Really mad like i said before when they ended on a cliffhanger like alex seven. If you know that's show in your to live or dead. What's going on a hate this. It's cancelled and then two years later they came out with peacekeeper war miniseries and ripped the whole thing and to a nice happy ending. Yeah i tend to be a completion est. So the fact that i couldn't start at the beginning was one of the reasons that i just kind of stayed away from it because if i can't i figure if i missed it already missed it and i just kind of move on so i'm glad to be able to go back to the beginning and work from their side. Started re watching this on the year or two ago I think. I watched the first couple of episodes probably the amazon order. And you know was maybe confused in the beginning but then we stopped for other things. 'cause you know the next shiny tv series comes on and stop watching the stuff. Watch the new stuff so yes. I'm thanks to see what. I've missed since i think i've seen everything before i start watching now twenty years ago. Whatever so this'll be fun. All right here we go. Let's recap Who recap the first episode. talk about. It didn't do the same thing for the second episode so we begin obviously with season one episode one entitled premier. We opened on earth. I a a astronaut. Commander john crichton and his best friend. Decay are about to test their theory that a spacecraft can overcome atmospheric friction to exponentially increase speed using only a plan national gravitational pull. That's basically a long winded way of saying it's a more better slingshot maneuver. Guess on his way to the space shuttle carrying his farscape one spacecraft. We meet john's father and former astronaut.

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