Biden Administration Wants Agriculture Subsidies to Help Fight Climate Change

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American taxpayers spend lots of money on farmers record forty six billion dollars last year that helps to keep farmers in business when the weather or the markets might otherwise put them under now. The biden administration wants agriculture subsidies to do something new help fight. Climate change can that work frank. Morris of member station k. C. you are looked into it. Farmers have an uneasy relationship with climate change or creates about ten percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the us. Most farmers hate to admit it's a problem and they certainly don't want to invite new regulations. But those like richard oswald standing just out of the rain in a shed on the missouri farm where he grew up. Clinches is personal and well. We've got a problem with climate and i've been living in the middle of one of the biggest problems missouri had and that's the flooding on the missouri river that's been brought about by climate change oswald in his son firm about two thousand acres on the missouri river weather permitting where we're standing right now. There was five feet of water here in two thousand nineteen flowing water for months and the same thing happened in two thousand eleven.

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