Home Cooks Find Antidote to Blandness in TikTok Videos


Stay at home restrictions because of the pandemic created new internet stars tick tock cooks there have been more than fifteen billion food posts on tick tock begin with lame bacon onto an oven tray one of the breakout stars has been Harry he'll he lives in Dubai it's pretty straight for the stuff that I'm doing so I think when people watch my videos they actually think I could recreate that peel says the attraction to his videos may not all be about food a lot of my followers think I sound like fools social media professor crystal king says there is a new type of celebrity chef it's really amazing to watch people that just love food be able to reach the masses in a way that you used to only be able to do it through the Food Network heals most viral video is a Valentine's day dish with seared chicken breast roasted garlic sliced mushrooms and cream I met Donahue

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