Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Very Happy Rekindling Romance

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Now jennifer lopez and ben affleck are apparently not playing when it comes to this courtship a source close to jaylo tells us she's used the miles and flew back from miami this week and spent time with ben. We're told it's all very new and exciting. Even though they've known each other forever and it's been fun for them to get to know each other all over again. I bet it. Hey do you guys think this is just a believe. Well i'll say. She used her miles. Jan where's people get miles what she has money. But i would you give mouse from money. Okay got two. Kids used them out the files. I love it. You know. I really i just feel like this is a rebound thing. I feel like it's just for now. Been is fine now. But i just don't see it be playing. I don't know she's a go back. Person like really go back and say that's the thing she's never done it before so it's not like she has a history of going back to and weaving. We're just kind of all figuring out together. But i will say i know a lot of people for some reason. Once you hit a certain threshold it comes to cash and fame. Look elizabeth taylor. And richard burton got married twice. I think a lot of times you meet a man and if you say to yourself this is the wrong time. You are not what i need right now. And you're honest with yourself. You can go back for a second time and then appreciate that person for who he is right but i feel like but also with this one i mean right now go have fun. They know each other. It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be sexy to reconnect. Get that good press. you know. i feel like they're having a good time with both those things. But i think i agree with you. I don't know of this. It would be really hard to make it work. I hope you're right.

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