'It's An Active Act of Malfeasance': Is The Mammoth Media Misleading You?


Member folks, we have to keep our eyes on the prize. Okay. This is not some money making enterprise for me. Yeah, I I get paid. It's not volunteer work. I'm a capitalist. Don't That's not why you do this. Believe me, That's not why I do this. Could've sat home and done in extras, You know, show on the weekend and probably made more money. But this fight matters to me. And when you're offered a microphone, like Buck was Dane and others when you're offered a microphone to speak to millions of people on some of the Greatest radio stations in America. KBC W B A P W J R K S F O W M A L The FTL. I'm gonna think I'm sorry. If I'm not leaving anyone has tons of them. When you're offered that opportunity, you take it. You have to take it. It's your obligation to take it. Because we're competing against the mammoth media enterprise and wants nothing more than a gas light light, too, and propagandized hundreds of millions of Americans, and they want them to believe things that aren't true. It is an active, active malfeasance. It's not misfeasance. As I said before the break, they're doing this on purpose.

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