Apple May Be Developing New 'Smart Fabric' Sensors


Smart clothing, and Google has its own smart clothing line in use. The sensors and yards and buttons connects close to your smartphone, and they worked with Levi's to make these denim jackets that you just tap on your sleeve. And then all of a sudden the music goes up and down. You get to the next song, And there's also Adidas shoes and a Samsonite backpack which lets you control your gadgets through your clothes. Well, apples playing catch up. I know what a shocker And they are working on some smart fabric buttons that are so straight into your clothes. They're not really buttons as much as their sensors and they say they have unlimited potential in the future. They could analyze your health system. Patton Apples. Smart fabric is gonna hit the market anytime soon. But it is interesting to think that someday we would have smart fabric that would be analyzing our breath or body temperature are glucose level, all kinds of great things like that. Maybe even a smart wardrobe

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