A highlight from The Restless Prophet


Number twelve rest and christ third quarter two thousand twenty one daniel. Duda michael is going to offer a word of prayer for us thank you. Michael are kind and blessed heavenly father. Thank you for this wonderful day which we can join together aloe remotely but clearly able to hear our voices here ourselves locations to you we thank you for the sabbath day all the wonderful fellowship in love and care. Join us together. And we ask you the wizards the rest of this day guide texas. We asked these things urinating fully son. Jesus christ in the holy spirit when god wherever and ever amen thank you michael so lesson number twelve in the quarter on resting christ and the titles restless prophet and the statement of purpose at the end of the afternoon last paragraph says this week. Let's look at jonah and what we can learn from his restlessness lack of peace so talking about the rest something there to learn in the quarter unrest. The memory text is the last verse from the book of jonah. God saying to jonah. And should i not beating the great city in which are more than one hundred and twenty thousand persons who can discern between the right hand and the left hand and much livestock. So that's the last verse of the book of jonah for chapters. Some years ago we had the whole quarter on the book of john. Now we had one lesson and of course. The question is why. Would you end a book with a question like that hanging in the air. So let me start first with the question. Have the under number nine. What is unique about the book of jonah so obviously a minor profit when we come to the prophetic books. What do you usually find recently. You had a book affi- so what is a typical prophetic book. Rita predictions come tread. Okay so you have some kind of prophecies and usually they come true and in the book of jonah obviously doesn't iran usually the profit is a little more of a hero like they're obedient. Okay so in. The book of joe nights obviously not a positive hero. Gary most of the profits to israel or judah this was a prophet to foreign king. Now back the enemy of them as already registered. He was somewhat reluctant. Grover that's right so most of the prophets when they speak you have the words which are directed towards people now minority. Oh that will be. God's words directed towards other nations. So if you have followed this quarter the buca phase-ii you have chapters thirteen to twenty seven which The prophecies of the words of the prophet directed the nation. So you'd have syria by belon- you dumb you have other nations. But it's the words of the prophet collections of god's word spoken through the prophet towards the people. But this book doesn't seem to focus on the words with prophet actually in hebrew. These going to say only five words in his sermon and saw this is more a story about profit.

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