A highlight from 416: Lose Fat & Reverse Aging by Eating Two Meals a Day | Mark Sisson


Coming up on the ultimate health podcast. I've been a huge fan of people going barefoot. And i and i'm to this day. Just kinda roll. My eyes when people say well i couldn't. I couldn't go barefoot. Or i couldn't wear a sort of minimalist shoes because i have. I have no arches. Wealth reason you know arches is because you've been supporting your arch with artificial bridge your whole life. And so you're arch has atrophied it's given up the ghost and said i don't need to work anymore. The only way to build arches not the only way that the best ways to walk barefoot. As much as you can. So one of the ways to do that is to walk. You know in the in the shallow water you know if it's warm water on a coastal Flat plane or in deep sand is another way to do it. Hello welcome see. Alternate podcast episode. Four hundred sixteen. I'm jesse chapas. And i'm here to take your health to the next level each week. I'll bring you in depth conversations with health and wellness leaders from around the world. this week. I have marked system back on the show. He's a health and fitness expert entrepreneur author and the founding father of the incestuous health movement. He's a former world-class endurance athlete with to our eighteen minute marathon and a fourth place finish in the hawaii ironman

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