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Now boy when he's though roam the glue and who is a that send and sounded worse each pirate radio with the scipion crew. We got wind in sales in the sky is blue devil. Lepore knows so much work to to for the pirates radio. Bill can give me a mike. Check please here. He'd been talking test test test. Good mike did you hear me. Can the game you. You're good. Billy thank you. Welcome back check. You are city. Is he's a lovable jackass lack ass. What's the spf. That's supposedly after this number. It's all fake. Like fifty or sixty. Now i will say i. I once went to a waterpark with. Spf eighty-five on. And i left with less attention than i had walking in so i. I'm a believer in very high numbers of. Pf does this. Have you been stand for like what's this someone for. I guess integrity but what's to stop company from just saying as pf three thousand and you're like wow. This is the best that there is i presume. They're some kind of industrial standard. Actually do know what it stands for though it stands for sun protection factor. I believe you looked it up. No i. I've been going to the dermatologist lot because i have very sensitive skin so she recommended like a good like. Spf lotion for me. So i was doing some research on sunscreen. The last few months. I always wondered what i meant to or feel uncomfortable at the are actors. Why billy what is the whole just feel like. I'm kind of a piece of meat. That they're just kind of taking in their legs looking me up and down and i'm like how much of this is professional and how much of this is inappropriate. You know and there's no way of knowing for sure. This is a level of self conscious. That even i as who also like if i have any type of growth just cut it off. Please don't tell me like this is just. Let's get rid of it. Let's just better safe than sorry. Like i know your opinion is it's fine. My opinion is. Let's get rid of iran. They started scraping things. I mean. just take it. We don't need and then once you like. I've had a situation like i have this thing on my neck right here. It's not like rose asia. But it's like a is like a discoloration thing and they like took like a sample of it to like. Send away to the lab to like see if it was okay and then they like really botched like the stitches in his. Like if we're gonna do this and we're already going to go the stitches route. Let's just get rid of it all like can we just. Let's not wait for the lab. That's just just a little bit more. Take it off better safe than sorry. You know what i mean. If it's a good point. Actually which is the worst dr honestly in terms of scams dermatologist. Podiatrist also no offense. No offense have against podiatrists. It's just you know you go to medical school to study feet. Let's let's not waste time go to medical school. Also i had surgery a couple years back a like twelve years ago. One of my feet. What a disaster was. Never forget that surgery for many reasons which we don't need to get into but we can. If you'd like ken griffey junior. Six hundred homerun. We don't need to get started on that. Ken griffey junior was coming to town. Afraid five hundred ninety nine home right now gone on five hundred and ninety nine career home runs. Ken griffey junior at the time. Only why like three or four other people had six hundred home runs. Think told his story before. A stop me. If you've heard it but i went to every game. Four game series. Ken griffey junior reds. Marlins lista went to three straight gain. Appreciate them one of them i believe. Was cody bell. cow going. It wasn't cody bell night. But i think he had big home run. They won the game at the end of the game. Cowbells were flying onto the field. Everybody was getting upset. They were saying. Hey guys everybody stopped during house on the meal super saturday which performed after that. Never giveaway cowbells again. I don't think anyway so went to the first three games in that monday. And i said dr cook. That was my doctor's name. I'm assuming he's still in the in the business of fees options so dr cook. I said you know what's going to happen. Dr wu bertie nam scheduling. This on monday. A kickstarter the anecdote on board getting their crews. If you let me finish. And i said you know what congress he's gonna hit that home. Run that day. That i can't go and sure enough had that surgery on a monday and after i got out of surge morning surgery after i got out of that surgery said to dr cook. I said you think go to the marlins game today. 'cause kingdom might hit his six hundred home run. It's only happened three or four times in history he said. I don't think so. Billy so there. I was back at home bleeding through my casts which apparently is a normal thing. I said it doesn't seem right. We called dr cook going. I don't think there's right now. No that's okay. Which i mean on say dr cooks fall. But i'm not the one to stitch up my foot. So anyways i'm bleeding through my cast watching the marlins hopped up on whatever it is that they gave me for the pain which wasn't really hurting. Because still hurting again bleeding through my gas and sure enough ken. Griffey hit six hundred home. Run and dr cook. Call the check in and said how are you feeling. Go dr cook ken. Griffey hit his six hundred hundred told you this was going to happen if i had surgery on monday. And he didn't care the end who's pent up in that hospital. He was reading books. He was reading. Billy billy. How many books did you read that hospital. Six books dan. Six books were read children's books. They were only about ten pages long but there were books. Read none the less adds to my count of red in my life. My kinda books. Dan after paternity leave. Billy is back felted. It that came out of the box here by way of good morning announcing the daniel craig is the best james bond ever which is a festival. It's as offensive indisputable. Agree with them. All off often argue. It would all agree with him. That daniel craig is better than sean connery. And roger moore. Do you go roger. Moore you gotta pick one. Is it roger moore. Sean connery thought. I thought it wasn't up for debate. I thought the that those two guys were the conversation and daniel. Craig was stealing things and we all hated pierce brosnan. I thought that was. I thought we were old man i liked. I hadn't put it on the poll. This is the thing. Young people are going to vote for this at lebatardshow. Who's the best james bond daniel. Craig pierce brosnan. Roger moore and sean connery go ahead. Make your argument that everyone seems to agree with around here. Because they don't remember. Sean connery and roger moore roy. You ride with these guys. Timothy watts timothy. Don't put that on this. Well how did you come by this opinion.

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