Tips to Get Your Brain in Top Shape


How to keep your brain in top operating condition for peak performance. We sat down with neuroscientist. Dr tara swart who reveals the five things. You must know to optimize brain performance. Dr smart is the author of the bestselling book the source the secret of the universe the science of the brain. Here's what she had to say. So dr sport. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. So you've written an incredible book called the source the secrets of the universe the science of the brain. What led you to write that book. I mean it's really kind of my life's when i can away in the Brought together my research on near st and brain agenda tease in europe fastest Adult rain to keep growing and changing throughout life so that we can continue to learn and improve. You also talk a lot about how to keep your brain healthy. Could you give us a little bit advice on ways to keep your brain healthy. It's absolutely fundamental to create the physical conditions success in your brain body system. And i have kind of wiggled these down to rest fuel hydrate. Oxygen eight and simplify suggest is basically sleep. It's about the length and quality of your sleep overnight. i'm there are some generalizations types of advice around this which is ideally seven to nine hours per night. But we are now that it's actually really important that you asleep times in wake. Times are the same that they vary over the different days even if you still get h how state so some tonight now. Hours of good quality sleep with regular wait times. We know that there's a very efficient and active cleansing process of the brain that goes on during the night rushing out toxins. That can lead up to building up in creating symptoms of disease. They are knife. So it's super important to get up block Copy made up for by napping all unit broken up into short to parents.

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