A highlight from Part 1: Jeffrey Toobin Back at CNN, Brady Bunch, and Baldywood (ACS June 14)


The adam. Corolla show with gina grad on news and bald bryan on sound effects plus rape bollywood movie roundup and play the rotten tomatoes game. And now the only thing. He's a stand about our stanley tools. Adam corolla eac get it ought to give it on a judgment and managed to get it off for tuning in. Thanks for friend. We love that about eighteen. Right run so i guess i have to fuck him. Mike hot mic. All right. well. I was Watching the italian job over the weekend remake and remake and movie. it's a solid solid. Is that a different movie than gone in. Sixty seconds okay. I haven't seen either turn half runs down. Oh wow yeah. It's like that with a script. But that's caper movie. I miss an ensemble caper navy. All the oceans and Fun to watch always always fun. My favorite spike lee movie is a movie inside inside man. Oh wow yeah. It's really good. All you'd like thriller Yeah it's not tv. The all right so i i then. Edward norton was the heavy in that movie with the mustache and the mini little thing soul patch or right but i also figured out in movies how you can always tell who the bad guy is now. Facial hair helps how they treat women. Soon but i have the biggest tell for who the baddest people are in movies. So you always know. The bad guy is in a movie and it's always matic it is. It's universal it every single time and it's only the bad guys who do this and is it all. is it only men or can it be women who villains. It's ninety six percent men but it's universal. It's a universal behavior. That wouldn't sound like a tell but it's always tell i can't the bad guy by can solve my movie watching win. The bad guy gets punched by the good guy. Somewhere in the middle of active and in goes down like 'cause if kidnapped the daughter and at some point the liam neeson punches. At of course the good guy always drops him because he's the guy the bad guy then falls to his back wipes a little blood from his lip then when his henchmen go to help if he shakes them on get outta here he doesn't go. He's angry tempting so when his bad guy minion attempt to help. He's scorn scorn he. He's angry he doesn't doesn't way moth. It doesn't go. i got this or anything. He face toasted weirdest thing is. It's like it's always universal. You could always tell the bad guy does it. If a good guy gets whacked his friends help him and he's fine. Let's do it. This is all ego. He's all he's been humiliated and they never accept help now. I would argue. If you have henchmen that would be part of their job is getting back always usually more angry guys trying to help. The guy punched him so that they saw what they do is the good guy punches. Them that go down they drop them. Then he starts get start skip. Hey awesome. Wave is smack their hand and then get up and they wipe a little blood off their nose and they go. You know they say they'll they'll be partout. You're not gonna get away with this directionally more angry at the guys trying to help them right. This is a good. This is all i feel like. This is universal on bond films. I feel like on villain move any bad guy. Even i think even don't he didn't get dropped but member when patchy was losing mo jo and casino and he was kept punching guys. They're always angry at thirty guys. The guys are bad guy very interesting and observance just trying to help. We'll and the henchmen never go. Well sorry your highness names. Try to get you off the ground. They gotta eat it a man right and you said by the way they treat women you know what else is interesting. 'cause i assume you mean they treat them badly. You know like like there. Initially we just watched. They're always initially crazy creepy. Yes you know they they say something like you know when i see something that i like usually take right and i like you at when they meet or jack. Nicholson asking the girl at the counter and departed. You get your period yet gross. But but it's interesting. Because then i thought can you tell by the way they treat animals and way you can offer better so much better. Their animals than the than the hero or anti here. Okay buddy sorry. I missed for three days. I love you but the villain love their pets. Yeah there. I was thinking that before. I launched their extra shut suite two. They're that holds true in real life to sacranie sweet to the lapdog. Super conti to whoever the assistant is on the real housewives of whatever We'll be talking about crew ellison all right so you're going to do a roundup per movies that are back in the theater within twenty meals like. Hey what should i see. You know what this is actually like a really especially good time for movies in the theater. There's a lot of high quality movies so we're going to run him down while speaking back. Jeffrey can call me. Jeff now toobin is back on And he went and sat down. I first time in eight months. He's now he's now back and had a female host anchor down and offer him. Welcome him back which. She had to get into painstaking detail about why he was. Cut eight months ago. A room situation right. Yeah well. I put i think what most people do especially colleagues as they go. Welcome back sorry to hear about the dust up from eight months ago. Put that behind us. Turn the page google. She did not do that. House literally just went over. It's a list. I think it's alison sorry. Alison cammarata all right. So too but sitting right next door cnn. Chief legal analyst. Jeffrey toobin to talk about this and more high. Jeffrey hollow alice. It's been a while it has been a while indeed. I feel like we should address. What's happened in the months since we've seen you. Since some of our viewers may not know what has happened. So i guess i'll recap. I'll do the honors. Help yourself in october view. Were on zoom. Call with your colleagues from the new yorker magazine.

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