A highlight from Episode 77 - GUEST Anthony Vitto - Field Goal Challenge Recap, Troy's Redding Trip and Thunder Force


Of the spivey special podcast as you guys can see. We can't just pinpoint anymore. We have a guest with us tonight. We do is one of our oldest companions. Now i've known anthony since i was four. He's been a guest on the show twice or make. Math third of here is this. I third appearance. That second serves been on three as she friends. Your wife three time. We got a fund up so tonight we had a very fun morning this morning. We did our field goal kicking challenge. This morning. we can talk about that here in little bit. Anthony was there was amazing. Which is why. He is here on the show as a as an expert witness. I dunno troy our on the same page when we left stunned. We'll say that i get into it. Let's take a quick. What are we going to call. We're going gonna call it sports job or Sports job with the spivey brothers cubs are good. Get the ball to big country. Generic sucker take all right. That's enough. I'm out of breath all right for sports jog. We're talking about an epic field goal kicking challenge originally initiated by me during last week's episode on accident or i claimed that get kicked a forty yard field goal. Troy said no way normally ages ends at that a troy took to that level and he set it up to be fair. I don't. I still have an asterisk next to the day you know. He did shadow. It which will get to So the original. The bet was that he had to kick a forty yard field goal in three opportunities and by that definition. He did not win. He he did not it was and it was the weather. Conditions played a factor today but at the end of the day. It went through the upright to be fair. Troy changed sharp. Bet three times any also invited like twenty people to come watch too so there was a good turnout. There's no rule that's why you ended up getting into win. Nothing we do has rules our whole lives. Just a cage man. It's so the way it was set up. Zac got three opportunities. The first one he walls up you know takes the six steps. Let's talk about the whole process or give me the process so we went out to Casserole thank you to coach. Horn coach charro previous guests. They are The varsity in the freshman head coaches a casserole bay football. They were out there doing other stuff for football stuff. That i believe is going on tomorrow. I think they're in back for football so they were out there. getting prepped. you. Football starts tomorrow morning. They were out there. Doing coaches meeting. Today made today opened the gate. They let us out on the field eventually. Let us borrow a tease. Since i shattered the one that we brought it gave us a couple of footballs. They were very generous than letting us do this to settle some stupid bet that we made. I know a dollar store t you had nothing. Blew up into about a trillion pieces So we get out there and it is windy. I don't know if it's just zack. Welcome through the gate of what it is. But there's the wind is blowing. It's at least i would say. Probably a hundred and five miles an hour hurricane type winds going with him here it in the video and there is no way to hide it but i mean it would help but it also kind of it looked. If you're watching the first few kipps looks like the wind which is blowing right wasn't wasn't making the ball. Go kick as soon as he kicked the versus like. Hey we got. This is no chance. He's making any of these so what we did open.

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