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Living the dream was a little break off from the old bad voltage for that episode. The dream was always nice to not spend time with you. We we share this by jumping right in. I i am of course joking. I missed both of you quite daily an i. I think the only reason why we do this so we can have an excuse to chat to another every week. Is anyone listening lowell. What should we do today. What should we what was what should we talk about. This news though all very Our list of things that we won't talk about what you can take a whole show is steadily building just yachts. Also the document fills up with news. Unload seems to be happening at the moment. For whatever reason felt like i'm a clear out he's indicate i'm very northern england flak battalion clear. I push it bike uphill talk spread so give me some news john all right well. Why don't we start out with this. Incredible story of the fbi Running a honeypot operation and basically been an enormous amount of arrests all over the world. So people haven't heard of this So the there's an app called though there was an app called an-and Which was a privacy designed app And what i didn't know about the story is that Some company made an show. Jeremy jeremy's gonna be able to fill in all the blanks. I'm leaving here. Some company made a privacy focused phone that that was really intended for Drug cartels and criminals to us And the the guy who founded this company as far as a web basically rolled over. And when he'd he admitted publicly that this thing was a privacy. This thing was a Was really designed for drug dealers and drug cartels and then what happened is a new privacy focus. Phone was released with this app called on that the fbi was running in the background and they should all kinds of conversations about About drug movements and hit jobs and all kinds of stuff and then there was a huge amount of arrests all over the world. That kind of took these people in and it's like something out of a movie. I mean it's it's a really remarkable story and the idea. Can you imagine how pissed off the colonel's must be when they found out. Wow so what did you guys. Think about this illustrative lesson about sipho. Punk taught people have for years and years and years. None of we need to make show of Ways of ensuring the even if the government are quietly operating your thing you can still talk freely and always gonna amazon. But that's what i feel like not tons out. It is literally every cryptology kentucky textbook for the next hundred years is going to point out this inside. This is what you'll guarding. The whole thing is fascinating because it was originally meant to be really four criminals by a criminal. And then he got caught. Like you said rolled-over basically gave up the encryption key and kept running it but the whole thing seems to have basically hinged on one person in australia who they convinced it was real and then he started giving them out and mass or convincing other people to buy them but the whole concept of the phone teams weird because it couldn't make calls it couldn't send emails. It only had like a calculator app. That if you typed in a certain code it got into the tax code encrypted messaging app which i would think the whole thing you want if you're a criminal and let me start off by saying as someone who is a criminal fulltime i would think you want deniability so when the phone. There's not just a calendar or just a calculator app which seems like an average phone to carry. The whole story seems very oddly cloak and dagger like only you can only get this criminal phone from other criminals and you need like two verifications and whatever. The whole thing is like out of a movie was introduced a lot of phones as well. There was light wasn't fifteen hundred. Seventeen hundred phone something like that would put out there and one of the major issues. The i read was that You could remotely white these phones. A lot of people when they get by the police they picked up in a be could be wiped the original phone. It's such a rich target. Even if this didn't end up happening honeypot. It seems like the best thing you could do would be. Buy a pixel randomly from a store with cash and then install a secure app that you ideally is verified or you could audit the co because then you're just amongst the sea of noise not specifically targeted platform the determination that people would have made full. This was to side but what happens is busy. Show up to google's. Tell us what this person's account is. Google okay hey stay tiles whereas if something specifically dedicated this there's no way they got to cooperate with the place. Now it turns out about was wrong and now they know it was wrong and they have luxury to think about from alcatraz before termination debate. Different the other thing that i saw out of this. That's interesting. that's not directly related but in a way is is the drug cartels in mexico are now starting to set up their own cell network's completely separate from any cell network so that they can't be intercepted. I'm in five when people talk about the talknet that actually talk you about something different on the insights

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