A highlight from Ep 437 | Does Conservatism Have Room for Both Christians & Atheists? | Q&A


To relatable happy whatever day. It is as i'm recording this. I don't know what this episode is going to come out. I hope you guys have been enjoying evergreen episodes all of the interviews and some of the topics and the qna's that we've been doing you guys ask awesome questions and it's been fun to answer them today. I'm going to answer some more of your questions. You sent me some fun ones. And i'm going to answer this question which i thought was interesting. I've never really thought about and the question is do. I think the church has dropped the ball on talking about physical health. That's probably true. Now as i answer these atypically answer them. Pretty extemporaneously like i'm just kind of answering as it comes to mind in so i'm not i haven't sat down and written out my my entire answer for this but as i'm thinking about it it does seem that Yes we talk about sexual purity in the church which is something. Obviously that i think is very important. The bible emphasizes that the new testament. Jesus himself emphasizes that in. So of course that's imported but if you look at one of the verses that we typically point to when we're talking about sexual purity. I corinthians six nineteen that our body as christians is a dwelling place for the holy spirit that also means if our bodies dwelling place for the holy spirit is christian. Say like our body is a temple and we're supposed to treat it as such and one of the ways that we treat it. Well is by avoiding sexual impurity and sexual immorality then it would also follow that we should take care of our bodies. In other ways as well in obviously. I think that there is a balance there. I certainly don't think that we're supposed to be obsessing over our bodies which are wasting away like we will die one day. I think it's a sin. I think it's a dollar tree to idolize our bodies out of a fear of degeneration. Because that's just going to happen. We're going to get old. We are not going to be as strong or as good looking as we were when we were young in. That's just going to happen. And i think that's okay. I think that we have to balance exercise and eating well and being good stewards of our body with also enjoying the time that we have in realizing that we are wasting away. Our outer self is the bible. Says is wasting away and so. I'm not sure that necessarily the church has done a very good job and talking about adding media. There's a lot of pastors. Remember the pastor that we talked about not too long ago who said that women need to be trophy or maybe they don't need to be trophy wives like mulanje but they still need to look good. They shouldn't look butch or something in that. Pastor was like obese and not attractive. At all. I would say there's probably not a whole lot of that going on in the eventual church anymore. But certainly that kind of hypocrisy. I think now just turns people off but is also disobedient to what scripture tells us about how we are supposed to talk about our bodies and how we're supposed to think about appearance and how we are supposed to stewart our bodies as temples of the holy spirit dwelling place for the holy spirit. So i think that we can take commonsense measures of course to be as healthy as we can while also realizing that some of the things.

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