A highlight from Meet Fastly, which somehow (briefly) broke the internet (The Daily Charge, 6/8/2021)

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The internet suffered a massive early tuesday with sites amazon. Read it twitch as well as our very own site all down with a five three error. So result of a company called fastly. What do have this little. Because such big impact. I'm saying this is your daily charge. Join me to discuss. all things. Fastly is our senior european correspondent. Katie collins welcome katie. It's lovely to be here. Well we really appreciate you being out there in europe and able to tackle this when we were all sleeping or just waking up and just worn to listeners because we're talking about the inner workings of the internet things will get a little wonky but just to things off if you could briefly talk about the outage and just how widespread it was. Yeah absolutely so. This'll happen while the whole of america was asleep pretty much but around. Two fifty eight am pacific time. There was a kind of a notice that went out and nobody sponsored it but it basically it was from a company called fastly and it said we're currently investigating the potential impact to performance with our content delivery network services and shortly thereafter. They were reports all across twitter of major news. Publications including the bbc cnn. The new york times see net plus a bunch of other things just totally being off. Line people getting error messages everywhere and actually twitter was one of the few things that was she still working diets. Emoji server was sam was affected. So we're treating about the outage with emojis tweets for showing up at the emojis. Were all the shop so interesting morning. Interesting chart the day. At least for us and i was awake at this time. I just wasn't logged on. Yes i did not actually get to deal with this outage but like you said the stems from this problem from ashley now totaled about what fastly is and how it was able to intact so many different sites. Yeah so as you mentioned up. Top fastly is kind of a wonky company that do deals in the back end of the internet and effectively. What it does to kind of cut a long story. Short is it makes it sits between websites and they're kind of back end servers and make sure that those websites kind of brun websites as we see them on the web. They run kind of nice and fast with really quick low times and optimize images that show it really quickly and smoothly. Whenever you lana web page and also performs vital cybersecurity functions by protecting sites from being overloaded with diaz attacks and bots. And that kind of thing. So that's kind of what the company does and Yeah it's it's one of the only companies out that does this so it's pretty widespread across the whole of the internet. Like you have no idea what kind of operating in the background. But it is as we found out today. Yeah a sudden. Do you refer this in your stories. something called and we've talked about mobile edge computing on the show in the past basically. It's idea that there are copies of the original site that are placed that that facet holes that are placed closer to various regions so that it speeds up the low times effectively. What that does. Yeah absolutely so. I kind of if you think about it this way. Say i've got like. I'm going to use an analogy head. That kind of explains it in physical terms. Say i've got like an addiction to like an american candy. Like i dunno like cell patch kids or something and i need that all the time. I can't keep going back and false. Can't keep going back and forth to america to get them but there's a shop here. That's that stocks them. The i can go in like when i've run out. I can go get my fix from there instead. So even though it's like a totally american thing. I can't get over here and that's effectively. What fastly suing for the internet. It's it's kind of storing local version that you can get access to more quickly and efficiently without having to waste of time and effort going to flip back and forth across across the atlantic right and thank you for that delicious analogy because now sour patch.

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