A highlight from Part 1: Free Speech, Ethnic Stereotypes, and Listener Calls (ACS June 9)


One studios in glendale california. This is the adam. Corolla show with gina grad on news involved. Brian on sound effects. And now he's a straight as. Nixon was crooked. Adam corolla. Yeah get it all got to get it on choice but again on managed to get it off for tuning in. Thanks on the friends and loved that about g right gina grad to write pinball run. How about she leaves joking to atom all right well. Happy birthday. T love that girl. One of the few people that said Hey maybe you know something. I should listen. It's worked out perfectly for her album right and also one of the few people think about it. Her and i have a lot of the same trajectory in life. Sort of bad parents kind of grow up in. Kind of a hippy. Dippy times right and it's a it's interesting. So some people grow up in a hippie dippy time and they take it further. They go I'm going to outdo my parrot I think Theresa and i both got us sorta up-close look to the hippy. Dippy not the haight ashbury. Free love and woodstock barn but the the in the room with the door shut. Yelling freak out right are enough. She was just down the street from hit ashbury. Yeah right and we got to look at it when we went normal. You rebelled like like alex. Keaton rebelled yeah. Yeah although entire family and food in the fridge. But but i i looked at in one. Now i'd like. I'd like a little more normal right. I'd like a little more boring. And i think I think theresa sort of looked at herself as like avant-garde little bit of a free flow in free flowing but an artist and stuff like that and ended up moving to arizona. And i sort of thought. Well how's that going to work with You should be living in venice beach but no think when you're working well think about it now. I'd rather live in prescott than venice beach. These these days scottsdale notes. She's got two kids. she does the list shows. she's doing very well. Got a pf changs now. Who says you can't have it all. Yeah you want at the end of the day. Normal is is kind of nice. All right So have have some thoughts. Let's see i got my coal tub. I haven't talked about this for a while. I got my cold tub couple of weeks ago. And what is a cold. I mean it's exactly what the name but you know. It's a tub. It measures probably all in probably. 'bout a little under six foot long about three foot high about three foot wide one of those soaking tubs. Uc football you know training camp whatnot. E- add little little different kind of of it but the hub is probably about about forty inches long about three foot deep and about twenty four wide or something like that. Maybe a little wider. The temp can get down to the high thirties. But the lowest you can get it. It's probably about probably about forty four high thirties low forties so it was funny so We set up guy just heard me talking about it. This is the final destination move. You get down to like five negative five hundred degrees and you wonder. Why did they go that. Low to die in it. Oh well that was. Every every episode of seven east i saw would be they throw one of charlie's angels into the sauna donald take the dial turn it skull and crossbones and it's like why go there was like a liability. How people that manufacturer saunas to have the one that will kill a human being inside of eight minutes. If fair faucet doesn't get your first off offer sure they do that. The other big move from my youth when it came to all those shows is how you could lock anyone anywhere with the placement of chair simply just take a chair and wedge it against something were defeated a strong tree branch or two by four rooms. A pinch the axe handle. Just put that front of the door. And yeah now i would. I would argue another bad way. A lot of people getting locked in freezers to back back day is well but saw goodfellas. I put the put. The here was a truck driver. I so the thing that's funny is The came Set it up. I think the guy's name is bill and comes called renew with a you at the end. And he came in his guys and everything set it up and filled it up with water and then he said i'll throw some ice senate to get you started. Okay because take a day and a half to get down. And i said hey and wait till tomorrow. We brought ice so they put in a big block. Block is but it's still got to wait for the water cool down and so i said to Sunny all right buddy. No excuses now. We got the top Sunny doesn't like he doesn't like the ocean and he doesn't He doesn't like the pool for some of the same reasons like you don't know what's down at the deep end. But you do let you do. But and i'll i'll circle back to this but got that grit right throws them peron. Well can we do. This can we. Can we just do this. Because everyone always talks about nurture and nature and all this kind of stuff. I've i've conducted experiment. You can take society and you can break them in half half. A society loves the ocean and the beach and wants to frolicking in the surf. The other half never wants to go in the water gas just they. Don't there's fear it's cold it's fear it's whatever that thing is don't worry it's murky at dicky. Yeah they don't they don't want to go in. That can't out here in los angeles. You can't see your feet get in past your knees. So there's like. I don't know what the hell's down there so it's kind of interesting that it's not comfortable physically or mentally i. I would argue that. It's also an indicator of a general sort of life Witches the people who want to go into the ocean or saying i want to embrace life. I of course there's dangers. There's the unseen. yeah. But i'm not scared of that is going out with the benefits. Outweigh the negatives. I'm going but so nature versus nurture. I got twins. I got a daughter who wants to go in the ocean. I've got a son who doesn't want to go in the ocean. Split in half like america has nothing to do with where they come from right. That's just who they are just who they are and we all know people where you go go in the water they go. No no no way. I'm not getting in their way. Then the people that are labradors

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