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Here we have the psg president. Nestle leafy on 'em buffets future. He says i'll be clear. And buffet is going to stay in paris. We will never sell him. He will never leave unafraid. Mvp has everything he needs in paris waco he'd go what club in terms of ambition can compete with. Psg today it seems as being some unrest as well in spain with these transfers with reports like this with quotes like this so gills. Let's talk about it. It's definitely a statement of intent is in it from. Psg how often told but when he does usually these pretty good and it was good in from. Keep you read the quote by by paper. There was many more cores that were interesting. One that saying that they will be very active. The transfer market there will have to send to enable themselves to be very active. But certainly from what we've seen so far why nine or those free transfer as we always say on the show there is no free transfer doesn't exist you pay a big signing on fee to the players the engine commission of plus the wages but there's no transfer fee to pay for them and even if all these very good signing for them even if the heart to to make a big off financially to beat buzzer enough for signing digital room is more of an opportunistic one because that was really the plan idea to go for good a bit because the free free again and it can looney mao and wait for us to finish his career in paris and then room is the perfect replacement that kind of made sense not the biggest fan of that kind of deals and then he would be expensive and he's more of a wing by than a ride back again. Need someone on the right hand side and if they can get him for but descend amount of money. I think that would be very good business again. I lay it seems as though they are a little bit concerned. Particularly in the spanish capital spanish sports dailies of course always have something to say. They referred to psg of the transfer market. You think that because of this because of the financial power that they have the power shifting. It's a financial power they have and the financial power that random someone do not have and that's where it falls apart for celona and for me in that usually when they come to the table where there's about celona branded eve. You just put a competitive on the table. Most players would say yeah but it's gonna both psg but when he comes over the dublin says. This guys can't pay your where we can pay you. Look here here's a number. It's flat out your no one else can get with us. This is what you can get with them. And if you're a player and you look at it and they're not competitive offers regardless of what you may think whatever your dreams may have been if the numbers don't make sense you say well all becomes my dream destination and this is a club where i've always wanted to be never mind. The spanish diane's spanish giants are what they are a name but right now financially they cannot compete at the elite level. Is that the reality of modern football. Stevie lulu is. I always find it funny teams boss alone and particularly real madrid. The forgotten about the galactic calls that was used a case of throwing money. Everybody getting getting the hold of basic on the mop and sticking them in one all star team so teams like real madrid. Can't complain number anything that psg and yes. It's absolutely about the money. Because of the owners psg harbin of course manchester city then even nor would be through a pandemic. The still have money and so that she's called being unlucky if you're real madrid that you don't have any money it's called not looking up the your finances and your players making better decisions. The same. We barcelona not know what it's like on the other side. Yeah yeah it's interesting isn't it. Because that's one thing you would always see boss. Loan and real madrid did always seemed to be the top choice for so many of the big players and we're seeing perhaps a shift is. We're talking about that. Also points to it with erling haaland as well because it doesn't look as though that's why he's going to end up before it come to her holland. I just want to say that we there is a different thing now because the realme deport david beckham for around thirty million pounds. Now they're clubs around the dread by munich barcelona if we take all the clubs to competing with these clubs are sponsored by states On the us tried to do financial fair play. That didn't work remember that funeral. They have a caste when verdict went for for manchester city is a financial fair. Play great idea didn't function at all. That's why was a quite surprisingly that the english club seeing this that relevant. Lana you've spent tuesday are in big trouble financially. And still them through them. This silly lifeline called super league because that was what is all about. That was to get more money to these clubs to survive and yes k. I agree with you now. See the other side is stephen. Is they used to do this as well. I i'll say there is a lot of a lot of players know will say the perez is the place you wanna play you. Place want to be in terms of holland. There is no chance that said the spanish giants. Barcelona ralph reed. Were come up with the money. We are talking like hundred thirty one hundred and forty eight hundred and fifty million euro so there is no way that he will end up there now as. We're speaking this summer where he can go. Well what what we do know is that chelsea works very hard to get into To london he's seen as the missing link you see me as missing player for them Going a title changer challenger. Into the next season we have to be realistic. That the only two clubs who could get him in england would be just the and chelsea and if sancho if hall and lee when they want to go to a place where it can win titles and then we just have to see where can they won. Titles sanctuary gentleman's agreement that zorc that he can leave this summer if deadline is met which is supposedly twenty third of july when going into training camp hall on is another story because he's close is efficient next summer but still if monica comes in by dolphin of play for one year they played like everybody else without fans and there is eighty one of them. Eighty one thousand every game Jordan's lost some money too. So it's going to be interesting summer kills. Can you see erling. Haaland county chelsea.

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