A highlight from The #DamnGood Summer Dresses of Makeup Well Be Wearing All Season Long


Hello hello everyone. Welcome back to our show. I'm jill don of your co host. And i feel like it's finally summer and carleen. We have to tell everybody that for the first time in like almost a year. We just saw each other face to face. I know was not so nice. We had like a lot. Hey together by the at a croissant. Of course we ever saw. It was so nice to see you in the flesh gel and i know now gills gone out to the east coast for the summer so we won't see each other for awhile again but i'm so happy for you just to lake. Breathe in that the air. i'm jealous. Oh yes after. Get out of quarantine than i will be eating all the lobster and being by the beach and i'll be wearing my new sandals that you gave me for my birthday so thank you so much. You like those. Did they fat. They did fit. They did fit and era. Zona loves guys if you know. They're the the trekkie sandals with the recycled bandannas. All over there so cute. They're so cute. yeah. I can't wait to have somewhere to actually wear them like with like the long down on like bermuda shorts or whatever i'm just like pumped you have new sandals for summer you always have to have new new Some new kicks. You know what. I mean absolutely and you know where they go. Oh you're welcome but you know what they go. So perfectly with gel This summer dress the floral summer dress. Is they actually do. Wow how did you do that the same way this is not. I'm telling you guys did but she did it. She did it. She turned it around to tell you about what today's episode is. all about. That's right so today. We have a damn goods for you guys which we've titled the summer dresses of makeup. So what does that mean. This is your go to make up. That's easy breezy and beautiful to borrow an often. You raised and beauty. We're talking about like lightweight finishes glow gorgeous textures feathery lashes luscious lips. It's that vibe. Of the summer dress you know like not trying too hard just rude on radiating joy. You know personally. Like i kind of switch over my makeup bag from winter to summer stuff just like. I don't know if you do that. I do i do. I have a bit of a formula. So that's what we're going to talk about today. So i'm going to be sharing some of that secret sauce formula with you today you're going to be hearing about a setting foundation powder that even those of us who don't usually use powder have fallen in love with so there's no k. Keenness no separation the arrest where also going to be telling you about our favorite brushes and bronze. That's perfect for getting that. Peaches challenge kind of glow you guys and stay tuned till the end. We're going to talk about the latest fluffy stay put mascara as that even stayed put for me after. I ran three k. In the heat. So you'll want to hear about that okay. I need to know. I need to know it all. So we've got all the cute stuff. You're gonna wanna stash in your makeup bag. Don't forget of course. We always list everything that we talk about over on our blog at breaking beauty. Podcasts dot com. You can shop the links in everything there. So cue the peaches playlists. Mo- he'does listen up

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