A highlight from Ep 435 | Is Virtual Church 'Loving Your Neighbor'? | Q&A


To relatable hope. Everyone is having a wonderful day a wonderful week today. We're doing another qna episode. And if you're new here i am currently on maternity leave. And so we doing these kind of evergreen episodes where we're not following the news cycle but i'm doing lots of amazing interviews every week and then i'm also doing these episodes. I'm also doing. Tim topical episodes as well. And so in these qna episodes. I take questions that you guys sit me from instagram. And answer them until. I usually only through a few because they make me think about other things that i want to explain but you guys sent me a lot of awesome questions until i'm going to answer as many as i can and over the next few weeks and if you didn't submit any questions that's okay. Every episode of these and as i guarantee has something that maybe you were curious about or wanted to ask me about a hopefully they will be productive and helpful to you as well The first question. I want to answer. Today is how you respond to someone to a christian. Who says it's responsible to go to church during cova there's been a lot of. There's a lot of dialogue. A lot of discussion and debate about that from the very beginning now i would say most churches at the beginning of this whole thing about a year ago said okay. We're going to just do remote services because we don't know how bad this is going to be. We didn't know like we were told that it could be a twenty percent fatality rates. And we just didn't know how terrible it was going to be and of course we thought it was going to be fifteen days to slow the spread l l. It's what we thought. This whole thing was going to be very temporary. And so i think a lot of churches just said you know not meeting in person for a few weeks is not that big of a deal. People are going to be able to do. This remotely will come back together when it safer and then the longer this went on the longer we realized that. Oh this is not gonna be fifteen days to slow the spread. This is maybe even going to be more than fifteen months to allegedly slow the spread there were churches. They said okay. While at some point we've got to meet together because yes as the saying goes. The church gathered is still the church scattered. No god is not a building. No you don't have to be sitting in a pew to experience god or to worship god but those are not the only functions of the church someone who says that a church is just about experiencing god or learning about god or worshipping about god's seeing too god doesn't really understand what the church is. It's true that the church scattered air. The church gathered and the church is also the church scattered so you can experience all of those things in your living room as well but there is a command to corporate worship and to gathering in person in scripture hebrews. Ten tells us very quickly or very clearly rather in twenty four through twenty six and let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works not neglecting to meet together as is the habit of some but encouraging one another in all the more. Is you see the day drawing near sorry. That's twenty four through twenty five. So that's pretty clear and christians during this time certainly faced threats certainly faced danger. That could possibly killed him. That could possibly take their lives. And god knew about corona virus. Twenty twenty when he gave this command. This was not something that was just exclusive to this time in space. I mean he was talking about the importance of meeting together. There are things that cannot be done individually when it comes to worship and when it comes to church that must be done corporately like the edification of believers in person encouragement having people. Bear your burdens. There's also something about singing together. That is different than singing. Individually in church isn't just about what you're getting. It's not just about these spiritual experiences. It's also it's also about what you can give like. What kind of encouragement you can give the gift that your presence brings the comfort that your presence bring to someone else your ability to pray for someone in person. All of these things are a part of church. Now for those of you who are vulnerable and are you live with an elderly person. And you just haven't been able to safely go out in public. I do think that there's a lot of grace. It's amazing actually that we live in this time where we are able to attend church remotely that we do have the technology to access the ability to be able to hear the gospel from anywhere that has inter- internet access honor. That's amazing. God uses those tools to bring people to him.

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