A highlight from Hunter Biden's Racist Text Released; Trifecta of Cancel CultureExamples: Chris Harrison, Kelly Stewart & Ellie Kemper; Kamala Harris Can't Get Through An Interview with a Friend on the Border


He is the lowlife degenerate. The just keeps on giving. We have his latest texts with his lawyers. We're gonna have had read those. He'll read plays lawyer. He's gonna play hunter and he's going to read you. Those texts also kamala harris our next president. Can she do anything without making the whole world fringe. She took simple questions. From lester holt. And she just couldn't handle it. Oh it's just uncomfortable to watch our forty seventh. President in action cancelled culture back in the news this week. Big time ellie kemper. Her from the office in trouble. Chris harrison is done officially done at the The bachelor and still don't know what he did. What he said. Ron kelly in vegas has been fired by. Espn for something. She's already been suspended for by another company. Kind of a strange story and kid. Rock kid rock. He got caught on camera. Saying something really. You know what kid rock doesn't care kid. Rock will never ever apologize.

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