Shelly Barney Created the Insta Run Club so No Runner Feels Alone


Think it's neat because there's always that chance. I have a lot of encouragement. Like i have people that you know. I'm surrounded by that. Cheer me on in this endeavor of running later in life and encouraged me. But there's always that chance that there's somebody out there that doesn't have you know that that opportunity to have others around them and to encourage them on and i think in this space you've created that for people so i i just think that is such an incredible opportunity that you have given to others to be able to encourage others to share them on when normally maybe wouldn't path that's a huge part of it. You're saying that a care up you tired of it because running and somebody that i. I run a loan right. I knew a lot of runs solo. Because i just i'm not around. I don't live close enough with other runners or you know i. I don't right now. In so i do a lot of rain on my own money ten. He'll berry. I don't want people to include four but quite right and so it's one of those things where you're running alone but you don't have to be you know you get running. You can go tell your community what you just did and how people cheer you on. I think that's the most important part in that other very motivating for you know a lot of people as well. So that's all that's been really important that making sure everyone feels supported to especially depend on and now coming out of it

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