Sen. Ron Johnson Comments on Biden's High Spending Disaster


Joe Biden said the other day at what they called a town hall meeting in one of his more coherent moments. That, uh, in effect, spending more money by spending more money, he will reduce inflation. Are you aware of any economic theory ever devised by mankind that holds that position, sir? No. And I know what his, uh, you know, economic advisor to Democratic President Lawrence Summers definitely would not agree with that, Martin. I'm wondering Facebook will pull that down sense of that bit of disinformation. We've got a president. That's a one man. This information gaffe machine himself, and, uh, it's amazing. He's actually going to Facebook, including with them, but take down other people's and disinformation. But here's what concerns me. Since he is the executive branch since years, the head of the Democrat Party, I don't think he's alone in believing this idiocy. I think when you look across the island, the United States Senate, you have a cabal of individuals who either agree with that or don't give a damn. They are prepared to spend trillions and trillions of dollars more. They think it's all free money. They think the they'll be able to do whatever they want to do no matter what. How do you deal with the How do you negotiate with people like this? You don't you have to. You have to resist them.

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