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Inquiries to you all my friends out there because this is something that i lean on every single day when i'm journaling after my meditation oftentimes questions pop up during my morning workout but questions helped to unlock stuck energy. Unlock stuff that. Perhaps you aren't or haven't been willing to look at sometimes. The questions are serious. Sometimes they're really heavy sometimes. They're light and bubbly like the last one. I offer just this week today. I have another one for you. That i would say is above. The line is a positive inquiry. And i think they're all positive but this one may be a little bit more fun for you and that is what are you excited about. I asked myself this question just yesterday. What are you excited about so often. We spend time deep in what needs to be fixed. What i should be doing what. I'm not doing what happened to me when i was fifteen. And then sometimes it's really refreshing to just think about what you're excited about in your life and you do have things that you're excited about. It has been a hell of a ride these last eighteen months. Maybe it's not even eighteen months but it has been a lifetime of growth transformation experienced letting go just living in a covert world. It feels like we get to be excited again doesn't it. it does for me anyway. So i'm coming to you today. From missoula montana. We rolled in from idaho yesterday. We spent about a week and a half in beautiful state of idaho all over the state and now we are going to do the same in montana and of course this morning i was looking up. Grizzly bears ed where they live in montana. That's one thing i am not excited about. I just wanna you know. Put that on record. But but i was thinking about it yesterday. As we rolled into montana. I'd only been here once many years ago. For a yoga retreat. What am i excited about right. Now it's always excited to citing to be somewhere new but it's also exciting to embark on something new to have some great fun plans in the future or a new hobby or even if you're a parent that you're you could even be excited. Your kids are embarking on something new or your partner. What are you most excited about right. Now allow yourself to roll with that today. Allow yourself to dream a little. Write it down if it's helpful. I know it's helpful for me to list this kind of stuff. So i'll tell you a little bit about what i'm most excited about. Well one most present for me right now is a couple things one. I'm in montana. I mean beautiful state. Lots of wilderness. Can't wait to check out the national parks. I mean we are on this. month journey we don't even know until we land again and it keeps me very much my toes very much at the edger. Macy and so i'm always excited for what we will discover day-to-day so that's one is just untethered life. This life of being between homes. It's exciting. It's it's exhilarating and it is absolutely frightening at the same time. So i you know it's the balance so that's one thing that i'm most excited about is just day to day adventure day-to-day new new scenery new opportunities to learn something new about different areas of our beautiful country. The second thing. I'm excited about which is very present for me. Right now is my new course. I have a new course. And it's free guys. It's a brand new course. Just launched on a fabulous holistic wellness platform called round glass round glass forward slash cara. That's how you're gonna find. My new course called build mental fitness and. I'm really excited because you know what's really fun about this course. Not just because of the people that i've met in filming in all my gosh. It was a huge production and this this platform is so generous in offering these really first class courses free for the world to benefit from that. I am so excited about the course. But i'm more excited that it's free that i get to just promote it and share it and it doesn't cost anybody anything so that's the second thing i'm excited about it. So there you go. And i think the third thing i'm excited about is something i talk about often on this. Podcast is the mental fitness business. That i am that. I am collaborating with with amazing people. All over the country wellness experts therapists psychologists coaches trainers moms everyday people. We are coming together to understand the science behind the gut brain connection and to offer it to the world. So i two years. Now i've been doing this. And i am more committed than ever to educate people on the importance of gut health and brain health so while this podcast may seem a little promotional and

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