PRO TALK With Remodeler Mike Patterson


Welcomes the fine home building. Pro-talk podcast a regular discussion with building industry professionals. This is senior editor. Patrick mccomb today on joined by remodeler. Fine homebuilding contributor. J elsie live presenter and russian motorcycle rider mike patterson. We're going to have to talk more about that later right man. It's really nice to have you on the show. We've known each other for years going back to jail. See live in 'oughts. Yeah what's it's great to have you. Thanks for doing this. can you. please tell me what you do Your remodeler gaithersburg maryland. For a long time. Can you talk about your business. Food clients are. What kind of projects did that kind of stuff. So we are our small shopowners myself from the office so And i had gone. It'll show we do much work to do. I was eating nine. You presented work. You do is spur for architects architect. Really work as one outlay Smart work is designed not And so i worked with her any for twenty years A lot of words you get. I worked holdouts belts for almost two years ago. What made you put your tolls down. Was it physically or was it some other reason about I'm sixty seven now. We'll be twenty seven shortly so wearing belsen at long just takes toll on you. Back of neck out and But also just sort of the point where. I was kind of limited in what i could do. I had had some is in years prior to the crash at work yourself always using yes

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