A highlight from Stuart Preston - The Grief Trip


Comedy. Podcast i'm at crasnick your host and my partner jennifer kalari will be on shortly and this is the show where we talk about mental health practice brazilians practice skills because mental health is. There's a lot of talk about it. There's not a lot of there is a lot of talk and that's good but Noticed somebody voice yeah. I'm doing a lot of up and down roller coaster in the tone of voice. Now i also bronchitis so bear with me. There may be coughing that where the roof of the house goes up and then comes down like a cartoon at so much. I've been coughing but not right now so grateful for that on today's show. This is really interesting. Sometimes you hear a story about people and it's just it's absolutely fascinating to me. We have a guest who unfortunately went through quite a trauma tragedy. His son commit suicide at age. Nineteen the way he dealt with. The grief was through psychedelics. And he wrote a book called the grief trip and he has a podcast called conscious podcast and also the stoned. A podcast where he talks all about psychedelics the healing power of psychedelics. And how it allows you to heal from all kinds of trauma even enhance your life. And so. I wanted to talk to him about that. And that's stewart preston steward preston. Coming up very shortly. I wanted to tell you that we have a big sponsor for today's show bringing this back today sponsor movements. Which is the first antidepressant mouthwash. It's available spearmint. Peppermint new rooting tuten wellbutrin. Pure and we'll deal doesn't go to all the way to the top momentum will give you the lift. You need the freshness. I guess today's show is going to be about loss if you need to pull your car over and just park for a few days. That's fine. we're gonna talk about that. I don't know how much comedy there isn't loss of. There's comedy everything. And i don't know much comedy we're going to have today on the show but the way i experienced loss in my life was going to the cemetery with my mother every saturday or sunday we would have almost a routine because in the jewish tradition. You don't pay a lot of attention to the living you do pay attention to what's come before you in what is passed. I'm not making a blanket statement. That's just how. I experienced it. When i was a kid growing up so i would go with my mom off to the cemetery every sunday or saturday and there was a big cemetery. A jewish cemetery where you always got loss. You couldn't find the people the grapes because they're all in the ground. If you go to a jewish cemetery they're all like plaques the ground they're not headstones. I would go with my mom and it would be snowing sideways during the month of february in boston and my mother was a kind of person who would make a speech to the person but like conversational. So she just started talking to graves. She'd be like you're not gonna believe how wonderful the sun is today. It's beautiful son.

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