Tesla Shares Realistic Update on Semi Rollout


All right so. Let's take a look at this tesla semi report. This is from electric this morning. Headline reads tesla semi truck is finally about to go into production just for a couple items of context here. The last official communication we got from tesla on the semi was in q. Earnings report back in late. April tesla said that tesla semi deliveries will also begin in twenty twenty one. So that's the last. We've heard from tesla but electric also reported in march that tussle was building a production line for the semi at gigi. Nevada intending to produce about five semis per week by the end of the year. Now tesla hasn't officially disclosed where they are going to produce the semi in volume at on their latest annual capacity update and the earnings report. Also they said that the semi location is still tvd but the prevailing thought seems to be that it will start at giga nevada with this early stage production the learn from that and then eventually make the semi in texas anyway back to the electric report. The new information here is that quote now sources familiar with the matter. Total electric that the drive axle production line is ready and the general assembly line is going through. Its final debugging before starting production and quote so. That's a nice update to here on continued progress for the semi in terms of timeline information. I'm not sure that gives us a whole lot that we didn't already know. I think that probably still just puts them on track for a few deliveries this year. So at expect when we get the cue to shareholder letter on monday. It'll probably just maintain that same line of tesla deliveries expected to begin this year. And that's probably all the information that we're going to get although maybe they'll talk about it on the earnings call.

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